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Hyper oxygen therapy

Guest Lanousha

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You referred to "both" of your tumors..... were they both in the brain? Or one in the lung and one in the brain? It sounds like you are doing well, I certainly hope that is the case! Are you receiving any kind of treatments? If so, please let me know.... either on this board or via email. My sister (48 years old) has Stage 4 NSCLC with mets to brain. She has had brain surgery, whole brain radiation, and four months of chemotherapy. She is "taking a break" from chemo currently and is currently investigating alternative therapies........ Any information would be appreciated.

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Guest Lanousha

In August the CT scan and the MRI for the brain showed a big solitary mass at the left hemisphere. I was sent to neurosurgeon where I had craniotomy and frozen section which showed monastic mass. The left parietal tumor was removed successfully. A hard mass vascular showed poorly diff-adenocarcinoma. After one week, we started to look for Iry. CT scan for chest revealed that there was a mass on the left lung between the upper and lower lobes. I was sent to a thoraces surgeon and had bronchoscope that showed normal findings, afterwards a left pneumonectomy was done with pleura free, the tumor size is 3.5x2.5 x2.5 cm. All the doctors I've consulted were in favour of systemic chemotherapy and brain radiation; I refuse to take any kind of therapy except for herbs and recipies - I'm looking for quality time more than a short lived recovery. I'm 48, heavy smoker, still didn't do the restaging, feeling okay apart from my right hand, which had to do with the tumor on my brain. Let me know how your sister is doing...

good luck,


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