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Shortness of breath


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Hello all-

Dad had a shortness of breath episode yesterday morning. It was very alarming to him and us because this is the thing he has dreaded the most. He completed radiation treatments about 5 days ago - so could this be a side effect of the radiation? I told him that it very well could be an isolated incident due to the fact he had taken a shower and dressed and maybe he just pushed himself too hard. I really hope that is what it was and will not happen again. Since yesterday morning, he has not had another episode. I have read about radiation pneumonitis - could it be that? Any thoughts?

Also-Dad is very lethargic. He is in and out and sleeps a lot in his chair during the day. How hard should I push him to be active? I don't want to overdo it, but at the same time, I want him to be as active as possible. Slow walks outside have worked in the past, but we live in NC and it's been roasting here lately, well above 85 and I don't think he needs to be in the heat either.

I'll end with good news...as of yesterday, Dad has gained 10 pounds since being on the GNC shakes so we are really thankful for that!

Thanks in advance,


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Kelly -

Chemo takes it's toll. Your dad WILL feel fatigued, and dizziness/shortness of breath is just part of it.

Tell him to take it easy, and be careful - I almost passed out in the shower a couple of times.

And of course, call his doctor if it seems to be getting worse.

Hugs and prayers,


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