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As I have been telling people at work, I wouldn't say that we are "moved in", but we've been sleeping in our own beds in our own house for a little over a week now. Seems so nice....quiet...cluttered :roll:

The house was "decorator ready" so we have to paint all the rooms and the ceilings. We did the bedrooms that were chosen to be sleeping quarters (not the "office") first. From there, it was on to the utility room so the washer and dryer could be installed and the REAL joys of housework could begin!

We have most of the common areas painted, just need to move to the office and get some kitchen/bath paint for areas that will have issues with steam and odor...

Hopefully, the breezeway and garage will be totally completed when we get home this evening. No light fixtures to either and the yard is really dark with buildings blocking the yard lights that are attached to the house... Will be nice to be able to actually MOVE in... Maybe by Christmas I'll have my underwear in a dresser and not a cardboard box! :lol:

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I could hear the sigh of relief coming from your lips as you typed that you are in your own home at last. I know this has been a "tight" few months for your family and I am so glad that you have some space of your own now. What a wonderful present for the holidays. A new home all your own. Enjoy.


PS. forget the underwear unless it is long johns. Its cold.

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Wow, it took so long so I am sure that made the move even sweeter, especially in time for Christmas.

Forget the blinkin (thought it said bikini at first) undies and get the long johns out.

How wonderful to just have your little family, including the puppy, together in your own home, enjoy.


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Congrats!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

Don't forget -- if you are going to be painting, check out "Harmony" paint by Sherwin Williams -- doesn't have that stinky odor or the harmful chemicals that "regular" paint has!

Wishing you the very best Holiday season in your brand spankin' new home!

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