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how many times can you have radiosurgery?


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Does anyone know how many times you can have stereotactic radiosurgery? Do they just keep on doing it for every brain tumor that comes up? We have already had WBRT, and radiosurgery twice. We are scheduled again this week for radiosurgery at MD Anderson. The other scans, and tests of the rest of his body are showing clear-- why do these brain tumors keep showing up? Thank you for your help.

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I just gotta say that if your dad is getting treated at MD, then you must find some comfort there. The other comfort that I would hold on to is that lung cancer is a cancer that is quite common and commonly treated by the medicals. So much is known and understood about the nature of this beast.

Just trying to help you grasp at straws here.

Yes it is a sneaky bugger and looks like it sneakin' into the mind of your dad.. but he is going to sneak back and scare it when it ain't lookin'! BOOO! Mark my words...

I know that you two have been at this for a long time.. You can go on...both of you. Keep at it.. it's like pulling weeds..just keep after 'em.

all my best for the best of results...

Love, cindi o'h

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