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Survived Thanksgiving...


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I'm so glad Thanksgiving is behind us. Everytime I mark a "first" off the list, I'm grateful to have it over. Now, in the next 3 weeks I have my 40th birthday, the 12th anniversary of meeting Robert, Christmas and Alexander's 9th birthday. I'm thinking a nice slow, constant prozac drip would be nice. Thank God I'm not a big drinker...

We're going to the cemetary tomorrow to take out some poinsettas and a sign Alex made. Good Lord, how awful is that. This is so ridiculous. We should be home together tonight stressed out about the holidays but at least we'd be together. I'm worried about how all of us will make it through the holidays - my family, his family and friends, we all miss him so much. This sucks.

I hope you each survived the holiday. I'm really grateful you are all here to listen and understand.

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Hang in there Joni.

It's all you can really do, just a little bit at a time. I am so sorry these holiday times are going to be so hard. At time things do seem ridiculous, almost surreal my MIL says. She has wanted to do special things, similar to your poinsettias with the family, so we try to let her call the shots. I am sure your son Alex's sign was very important to him. You are obviously being there for him in the way he needs you to be. Don't forget to find support from others for the things you need as well.

Take care. I'll be keeping you and Alex in my prayers.


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I have been the round of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries,

since Mike died, alone completly and I survived and still find pleasure

in life.

We all are given more strength than we think and using it at tough

times is the best we can do.

Will keep you in mind for the coming weeks and send prayers to

both of you.


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