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Low Profile in December


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Okay, I need the hall pass shaped like Ebenezer Scrooge :x . This is the start of peak time with my employer (that would be Ebenezer) and I am working minimum 60 hour work weeks and probably more like 72 hour weeks. I HATE this time of year because Christmas was always my favorite holiday, but unfortunately, this job pays the bills so I have to suck it up another year and do it.

As much as I complain, I actually function best under the barely controllable chaos prevalent in a call center so in some small way I also enjoy this time of year. :shock: Don't feel bad for me because honestly, I'm not sure I would know what to do with myself if I didn't have to go 300 mph at work, the raw energy that is required makes me feel alive. That is until January when I plan to spend about a week in bed watching movies :wink: .

Either way I'll try to read but I won't be able to post much as I am really dragging when I am home or trying to finish up stuff for Christmas...

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Your employer sends me an e-mail about every other day with their "specials". Everytime I get one I think of you. Still need to order our fat wood for the winter. Are you sure you don't want the Peppermint Pig hall pass? :wink:

Ok Debi...Scrooge it is. Have a busy week!

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Well Deb~

Winding down now...almost Christmas...surely people are done ordering by now! I just deleted about fifty thousand e-mails from your employer and threw out the catalogs. Hope you have a nice holiday.

Next year you are getting the Peppermint Pig pass for sure!

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