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Tell us what you did.....

Gina D.

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in the name of humour to annoy your nurses and docs as a release or just because you are a wacko and ain't letting all this serious cancer stuff get you too far away from one of the most important things in life: Laughter.

Hospital story, chemo session antics?

While I was in the hospital after my lobectomy, I had a laptop computer with me. I kept it on my tray table. I would put a different LARGE scrolling text screensaver on every nite and pointed it towards the open room door with things like "Alright, which nurse stole my last beer?" and "Morphine. Not just for breakfast anymore". If I didn't change it, the nurses would ask where thier message was!

My mother brought me a set of bunny ears on Easter.. I wore them all day.

I put some less than fresh flowers in the commode after I used it. When asked what that was all about, I told the nurse that "tonites salad went right through me".

I had a leak in my lung at one of the staples. (My lobes had grown together in a couple places and they had to cut and staple) By pushing air OUT of my chest, I could make a specific gurgle in the chest tube. They were not amused that I taught myself to play Old McDonald. (Tho my surgeon was impressed at my control, he told me to not do that anymore :wink:

What did you do?

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Dear Gina,

YOU ARE A NUT CASE :lol::lol: It's great to see you have a sense of humor. Old McDonald- pleeeeease!

After I had a mediastensocopy(spelling?) They had given me some morphine and i had not eaten for about 24 hours - i was starving and for dinner they brought me some horrible chicken soup and warm jello. BUT also a DELICIOUS peanut butter cookie (yes, just one!) which i ate in about 2 seconds. After that, I jumped out of bed and tracked down the nurse and followed her all around the floor till i got 2 MORE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES! Everyone was in stitches because the back of my gown was wide open I didn't give a damn, just GIMME COOKIES!



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Guest DaveG

And you call me a nut :D:D with my Teddy Bear. The flowers in the commode were too much. Wish I had that sense of humor when I had my surgeries. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Ok Gina...I won't top you since you're absolutely nuts lol, but I was kind of proud of myself with this one since it was the day after surgery!

I was in the Special Care Unit and these 2 guys show up to visit me. It's a black guy and a white guy, both wearing suits, with somber faces and carrying clipboards. They sit down and both cross their legs the same way while I'm laying in bed thinking I'm having a morphine induced Men in Black fantasy. The white guy, who was slightly ghoulish looking, starts asking me questions about where I live, etc. I was totally confused because I didn't know who these people WERE..blame the native New Yorker in me but DON'T come in asking me all these questions and NOT tell me who you are!! So I asked him who he was, and he was vague about it...said something about Mind and Body...which was even scarier!! I asked him if he worked for the Cancer Center and he didn't answer..the whole time the other guy was just watching me. I'm laying there, trying to figure out if these guys are some kind of preachers or what and getting more pissed off by the minute that they wont just spit out who the hell they are! The white guy kept asking me about family, and if I had any in the area, etc. and both of them are checking things off on their clipboards Just then the phone rang and it was my sister. As soon as I picked up the phone, I told my sister deadpan and loudly..."If I go missing...they have 2 people in here asking me if I have family and stuff...I think they're planning on harvesting my kidneys. Call the police if I disappear." My sister knows me so knows my sense of humour and said she would call me back since someone was there. LOL I hung up the phone and said to the 2 men staring aghast at me...THERE..now I ruined your little plot...find someone ELSES kidneys!!

Well, the ghoulish guy just turned whiter and started denying that they were there to harvest my organs LOLOL...the other guy "got" me and just started cracking up. Then the ghoulish one finally got it and the point and told me exactly what they were doing there. Both of them loosened up totally (thank God...they were so stuffy). When the 2 left a bit later, I said to them...so your title really is "Mind and Body?" and the one guy leaned over and whispered in my ear diabolically, "that would be ...Mind, Body and Kidney!". :lol: I hate to pat myself on the back, but I think I made their day...they were giggling still as they left!

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Sometimes my smiley face itches and people catch me leaning against a door jam scratching like a cat. Sometimes it twitches randomly. Anyone else ever experience this?


never smoked

8-21-2001 dx sclc broncoscopy

10-03-01 first chemo carboplatin/VP16

35 sessions of lung radiation

1-18-02 last chemo

4-11-02 right middle lobectomy

15 sessions brain radiation

7-2-03 all from Oncologist

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> My docs just had no sense of humor.

My new Onc does, he is serious about the work, but doesn't keep it all TOO serious when dealing with you on a personal level.

Today he was trying to take pictures of me with my cell phone. I don't know WHAT was up with that, but, hey..it beats him taking pics with a real camera!

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