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Hi Doc, John and Teresa-

My Doc just started me on Tarceva (I'm Stage 3A, with surgery, radiation and chemo). I'll admit when I first saw the information packet on the table I almost passed out.

I read that it is used as 2nd/3rd line treatment for the more advanced cases. My Doc says that since it's working on advanced cases it will hopefully keep it at bay too. He is pro-active , thank goodness. Since he wants to do something/anything, I'm all for it! Anything he says, I'm there, just as long as we're not sitting around waiting!

Have you heard/perscribed this for other stages (other then stage 4)? I know the drug is new but just wanted to get some thoughts on it.

Thank, we sure do appreciate all the help!

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Tarceva was just approved by the FDA a few weeks ago and is basically Iressa2. It has been shown to improve survival in patients with Stage 4 lung cancer whose cancer's have progressed after at least one type of chemo. I have not used it off of a study protocol in your situation because there is no data showing benefit. Doesn't mean it won't help but no proof that it will. There is also a small risk of lung toxicity (pneumonitis) with this drug that can be fatal.

Having said that, you are a young women with an adenocarcinoma and I think you were a non-smoker? Patients in that subset have a much better chance of having benefit from EGFR inhibitors and that is probably your doctor's rationale. And I think that makes darn good sense.

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