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its snowing here...mom is supposed to call me.


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Its snowing real hard up here in NY right now. The roads are bad and my mom would always call me to tell me to leave work or to be extremely careful.

She called at least 4-6 times a day when I was working and it was snowing just to make sure I was still here and safe or when I would be just about ready to leave and make sure she told me for the umpteenth time to be careful driving and to call her the minute I reached home.

no phone call came today. no phone call will come tomorrow or ever again.

gosh I miss my parents.

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I am sorry Shellie. I do know what you mean tho. My mom only lived about 12 miles from my house. I can still hear her now saying "is it snowing down your way yet"? We kept in touch about every hour or so. She was 80 and lived alone. She would always tell me to get in car and come on up in case your power goes off. Now wonder why my powwer would go off and hers not or possibly vice versa? I know...she didn't want me out on the roads. Sure do miss her but the memories are there.

Tell ya what. I'll make a deal with you. You send the snow my way and I bet you will feel better. :):):)

Keep yourself occupied and think of the memories.

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Everyday at 3 p.m. my daughter, Jen, would call me after school was over and she got all the kids on the bus. "Hi, Mom, how are you?" "Ok, how was your day?" blah, blah blah, What I would give for that "Hi Mom" just one more time. I know how you feel exactly. But you know what, when it snows, maybe it's your Mom reminding you to be careful. For some reason, everyday I know when it's 3 p.m. and i don't have to look at a clock. I feel for you Shellie, so much. But I see you're a strong person and you'll survive. They would want you to, just as my daughter would tell me "Mom, you gotta have determination!" She said that ALOT. Seems to have worked. Please try to smile when it snows.


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