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Somebody Did Bury the VooDoo Doll


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:D OK Beth this is for you...good news does appear on this site. I got a call today form my ONC (Whom I am seeing tomorrow). She was so excited she couldn't wait. My last CAT showed a "75%" reduction. She said this is "unheard of in 6th line treatment". My total tumor sizes are back to sizes smaller than when I was diagnosed 17 months ago.

This is not a cure, but I sure bought a lot more time. So those of you that feel hopeless, look at me and say "there is still hope", because there is!!!! Don't give up, there maybe some good news right around the corner.

Take'n the misses out for a steak tonight.



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Jim -

They found the right drugs for you. I am so excited for you. You're right - it is good news for all of us. I have had been through Tarceva, Iressa, and Vinblastine and Mitomicyn (sp). I am currently on Etopside (sp) although I know that I will not be on this for too long.

All I do know is that I have an eight year old son that I want to wake each morning and say I love you.

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Jim, I am so happy for you. I read your post to my husband, who is about to start his 4th line of treatment, so he shares your joy as well.

About the Voodoo Doll, I pulled out the pins and lets just say - I don't think that particular Voodoo Doll is going to be a problem any more.

Good news about the steaks, too. Margaret

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Jim, Way to go.That is great news and I'm very happy for you.A steak celebration is very much in order.

You very much deserve this.You have been fighting very hard & never complained,or moaned,or groaned.When a person combines all these things with a great attitude, great results are very much deserved.


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I hope you and your wife have a wonderful night out. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Congratulations! It does give all of us hope. I haven't heard you complain or "whine" at all, so I know you have a great attitude. You deserve great news.


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glad to see your encouraging post and i think you know from the replies that there are people pulling for you. whatever cocktail works, eh? may the current one be a fully appropriate and complete one for you!

i appreciate the desire for steak. but as i've been "ruminating" over causes and conditions lately, i wonder over whether "animal fat" created problems for many of us using this forum.

love, ken

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Wonderful News!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. You DESERVED a break!! After you have that steak, maybe you could take that sweet-faced little grandson of yours on a fishing trip. I'm sure that he would be all for it. Enjoy this news.........CELEBRATE!!!!!!

Thank you Lord for a prayer answered!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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