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WBR and retina damage


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We saw a retina specialist today. He thinks that Steve is having radiation retinopathy, which normally can occur from 6 mos.-2 years after radiation. Steve's was probably accelerated because he is a Type 2 diabetic - even though his was well-controlled and he had been repeatedly tested before and had no problems. Dr. thinks it "set the stage" for the quick damage.

More tests this p.m. to see if they can do anything. They hope to at least be able to control the swelling and then see what can be done perhaps with a laser. If the major problem is from the swelling, it is hopeful. If most of it is vascular damage - things don't look too good. It may also be progressive. Anyone who has had WBR should really take note if they have a quick change in their vision.

Sadly, today is Steve's birthday. Guess his present is that there is still hope of saving his vision. Right now he is unable to read anymore. That was one of the things left in his life that he loved to do and still could do. I have a lot of experience with people who are blind, but I also know what a blow this is. Sorry for the whining. Just that he just re-registered his car after getting his stabe scans last month and now this. At least we had stable scans....

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Oh my, Joyce. You are entitled to whine. Whine away all you want. I saw your post under Ask the Experts and was going to send you a PM, but since you posted here, I'll "talk" here instead.

I am so sorry that Steve is having to deal with this. I can't imagine not being able to read. It seems like everything I do all day long involves reading. That would be quite an adjustment to make. BUT, on the up side, it sounds like they will be able to do something to fix it! AMEN!!!

Please give Steve a big hug for me and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



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I am so sorry he is having to go through all of this. I will pray that he gets some help soon. It must be so frustrating not to be able to read or drive. I had no idea this could be a side effect of WBR. I am glad you shared and hope you will keep us in touch. Tell Steve he is in my prayers.


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I am so sorry that Steve is experiencing this. You are in my prayers. I never knew this could be a side effect from radiation, thanks for the warning. I am hopeful that the swelling is causing most of Steve's problems and that they will be able to do the laser procedure. He must be so frustrated. Happy Belated Birthday to you Steve.


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