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I am hoping that members who do not read the disclaimers and who chose not to read the post titled "POSTING ANSWERS" in this forum, will read this. :wink:

I recently had an e-mail asking who/why a reply was deleted to their ASK THE EXPERT QUESTION..and I thought I would copy that reply here for everyone to read because I do think it expains everything.

>>>>>...I delete every response that is not given by an "EXPERT". If you go into the ASK THE EXPERT forum, you will see the disclaimers that say do not reply if you are not a moderator. It says to PM or e-mail the person if you have an opinion you have to express. If we allowed everyone to reply in this forum, then having an "ASK THE EXPERT" forum would be pointless, our volunteers and future volunteers would not dedicate the time to answer. People could simply ask their questions in the GENERAL forum if they wanted replies from everyone.

We are working on a new ASK THE EXPERTS webpage that will be completely dedicated to asking and answering questions by several professionals, for the benefit of our members! Hopefully that will end any confusion and the reply-posts made by people who do not read the disclaimers or folow the rules of the forum.

Until then, if they are not an "expert" their post will be deleted in this forum.

I have taken the time to copy/paste and PM each and every person whenever this has happened so that they have a record and have the chance to read every reply-post they get.

I hope that explains everything.

Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!

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One question:

Upon reading someone else's question to the Experts, if you are questioning something that is the same but different - for example, a few more symptoms or a few less, is it okay to "piggyback" on their question, or should you type your own question that may be redundant?


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Yes, I have left some piggy-back questions here. As long as they pertain to the same question by the original author it is very reasonable to add to another question on the same topic!

but those piggy-backed posts that "question" or argue or "add-to" an experts answer with their personal opinions should be sent by PM to the author and will be deleted here..

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Just FYI, I know one of my posts was deleted on that forum, and I DID read the rules, but since I go to View Posts Since Last Visit and don't go into individual forums, I DID NOT notice that the original post was in that forum. I completely understood why it was deleted, and had no problem with it. I have since tried to watch for the forum now so I don't post there.

When I see who has has responded to some of the posts in Ask the Experts, I don't think these are people that would deliberately ignore the rules, but simply because, like me, they didn't read the Forum Title.

And also, some of them probably never have visited the Forum exclusively and haven't even seen the stickies, nor did they see it the first time you posted it.

Just my observations.


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