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Radiation question


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I am a bit confused and need some clarification. My Dad had a brain met.... thought it could be taken care of with gamma procedure, but after meeting with the specialists they said the center of the tumor had neucrosis so they felt more confident doing "regular" radiation just to that one spot. Now, I know that is not WBR and I know its not the gamma procedure... what exactly do you call it? Just radiation? and does this type of radiation have the same side effects as WBR? He has since had his MRI done and they were very pleased with the results, but, he has some short term memory problems (very few and far between) and I was wondering if this is a side effect of this type of radiation procedure?? He completed his radiation about 6 weeks ago. Thanks for the info.

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Boy, would need a radiation oncologist to explain that one, typically we either do WBR or radiosurgery (either gamma knife or LINAC), sounds like they did just a local field like you would with a primary brain tumor. Thats not something that I can recall having seen done but I'm not a radiation oncologist. Side effects of mild memory loss are pretty typical btw.

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