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not good news - choice time


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Well, we both cried a little after we picked up his morphine from the drug store. He'll have a MRI tomorrow to see if there's a tumor pressing on his back for which he can get radiation to relieve the pain.

You see, his cat scan showed growth again in his lung as well as more on his liver. Doc says that's why his back aches so. She took him off Iressa, said it's no longer working.

Then she asked if he thinks he's strong enough to go back on chemo again. She mentioned quality of life in regards to it. He got really sick when he was on it the first time and I thought we were going to lose him.

He feels like he needs to do something and not just sit around and wait. He actually feels pretty good right now, except for the bad pain in his back.

I guess he could start the chemo and then go off it if it gets to be too much. What do you think? Boy do I dread telling our kids!

Cyndy and Tim



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Cyndy and Tim:

I am really sorry to hear that the Iressa is no longer working. This cancer road is so full of ups and downs. Good to hear that Tim is willing to keep on fighting. Maybe if they can get the pain under control in his back that it will get easier.

I wish you strength in the days to come.

Keep us posted,


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I am so sorry to hear about this set back for Tim. I know he must feel terrible with the pain. I agree w/Don, only Tim can decide if he is strong enough for chemo. I've heard good things about Alitma. 30 minute IV drip and very few side effects and good results as well. Maybe this will be an option. I will pray that you both get the strength you will need to battle this next hurdle. I hope that Tim's pain gets better w/the morphine. Don't forget about a laxative, morphine can cause the "pipes" to not work and that is a whole other terrible issue!


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Hi Cyndy and Tim

I am so sorry to read this latest news. Certainly it is a very personal choice with regard to treatment, and I can understand that it is a frightening prospect given Tim's reaction last time.

Jut my opinion, but I agree with your idea of giving it a shot, as Tim can always pull out if he finds the side-effects are intolerable. I am sure there are people who have reacted very badly to some chemos, but not others. Just a thought.

I wish you strength to get through this decision-making time.


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Hearing your news makes me so sad. I was hoping things were going to work out well with the Iressa. As for going on with more treatment, that is his call. Like others have said there are many other, less harsh, treatments that seem to give some people good results.

I have you both in my prayers.


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Hi Cyndy,

I'm sorry to hear that Tim is has had a setback. If they find something on his MRI that can be treated with radiation, relief is on the way. Angie Daughter of Bill and Nell both recently reported pain relief after radiation to the back and that both Angie's dad and Nell's friend are feeling much better. My husband also got great relief from shoulder pain after radiation.

Like TAnn, I've heard great things about Alimta not producing side effects, but I don't recall hearing reports from members yet on the results. It's new, but is supposed to be as effective as Taxotere. I, too, am anxious to hear more about Alimta since that will be my husband's next cocktail if the Iressa fails.

I hope Tim gets to feeling better real soon.



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