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Dave's bonkitis tumor "appears" to be gone!

Remembering Dave

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Dave had a brain MRI last week. He got some sketchy details about it on Monday when he was in for chemo. So I decided today to call the oncologist and get the specific lowdown. Well, he said that, in his opinion, the tumor is gone. The swelling is increased, but he believes that is reaction to the radiation Dave had to the bonkitis area. there is "a little something" pushing into the brain but for some reason he doesn't seem concerned about it, perhaps it is scarring or something?

I was so worried, because Dave's behavior is getting, well, can we say a little erractic? I was so afraid he had a brain met. But the good doc said he's probably just totally beaten up from everything he's been through lately. Although it is very hard to live with, it is very understandable.

Anyway, he's ordered an MRI of the orbit (the eye socket) just to get a better look at things, keep everything you have two of crossed that it doesn't reverse his opinion!

Repeat of the brain MRI in a month or so, he said.



Karen C.

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Dear Chapman's,

This is just about the greatest news. Tell David we want to hear that trumpet doing Christmas carols so loud I will be able to hear them in PA.

Karen, I hope your Mother is doing well and the the whole kit and kaboodle family can enjoy the holidays.


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Hi Dave and Karen and Faith!

Thank the Lord our prayers are being heard and answered! :D WOW that is just wonderful to hear this news! I am sooooo happy for all of you.

I am still going to pray that the sun continues to shine upon your hearts and keeps you all healthy.

Your always in my thoughts and prayers.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS with lots of Holiday Hugs! :wink:

Love to you All,


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