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wedding anniversary


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hi everyone,

yesterday was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. my dad and i went to visit my mom's gravesite in the afternoon. we were afraid that the weather would turn on us because it has been raining on and off here in l.a. (see, it does rain in l.a.! :lol:), but as soon as we entered the gates of rose hills, the sky was so blue and clear and the sun was shining brightly. when we reached the site, there was no cold wind blowing, just a light breeze, and the rain had cleared the sky so that we could see the whole city from the top of the hill. it was such a peaceful moment for me. my father cried a bit as he talked to my mom, but he only had good things to say to her. we left flowers for my mom (she loved flowers/nature) and a card. all in all, it was a good day.

i hope that you and your families have a wonderful holiday season. thanks for all of your help during this year.

God bless,


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We lost my Dad to lung cancer a little over a year ago and my Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary is Dec. 18th. I have thought about this for quite awhile and it just breaks my heart. We have ask her three best friends to be with her to keep her occupied after she goes to the cemetery to visit with Dad. I know this will be such a hard day for her and us kids as well. I am glad that your Dad and you were able to go to visit your Mom together and he did okay. I am hoping the same for my Mom. Cancer sucks!

God Bless,


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