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A year ago today -12/9/03


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I received a PM today from Greg Gaither's sister. It's been one year ago today that he died, and we lost a great member and friend.

For those of you who have been here over a year, and remember

"Bart Ziggy", please take a minute to remember his family in your prayers.

I really considered Greg a friend. I knew him thru e-mails, PM's and phone calls and it was so so sad when we lost him.

I miss you Greg!

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I know that nothing affected Becky more than when Greg and then Lenny died. The whole time we thought that her youth was a real asset in this battle. And it was in that she could stand the treatments and keep working and battling. When Greg died, she was simply scared. I knew Greg from one further remove because I was not posting and reading until after Becky died, and so I only knew him through Becky's reading of his posts and e-mails. And even at a further remove, I miss him.


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I actually just joined last Dec, but I remember reading all about Greg and how missed and loved he was.

What ever happened to Norme from Kentucky? She has not posted in months, but she is #11 on the top poster list. I hope she is doing ok after her loss.

Wow, so much change in a year

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Norme is taking a break. She is spending time with family and missing her Buddy. Our last email was last month and she had just returned from a shopping trip in Texas with her nieces - she was still recuperating! :wink:

Norme is doing as well as can be expected, one day at a time.

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I remember when "Bart Ziggy" passed away, because my brother was very close to him, too, and Greg's death really hit him hard. I wasn't involved on the message boards yet, myself, and that was my first realization of how close one could get to people here -- something I later learned first-hand. So many great people we've lost, and so many now mourning... This disease has just got to go. :(


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