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My incredible Dad


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My Dad, Zemo (yep, that's his real name!) :D died Feb. 1, 1998 after 4 months of absolutely stellar hospice care. He declined palliative radiation; I think he knew in his heart for a long time that he was very ill, and he was ready to let go. Dad was the most spiritual man I have ever met. He didn't preach his religion; he just exuded love of God and a tangible connection to the spiritual. He showed me that the spiritual is every bit as real as the material.

Dad was a prisoner of war in WWII - of the Japanese, some of the most brutal warriors ever on earth. He was the camp commander, and so he, too, took beatings whenever one of his men stole food or medicine or sabotaged a train full of goods headed for the troops. Of course, this is how they survived - all of them would have died of starvation, injury, illness, and simple despair if they hadn't.

In spite of their unbelievable cruelty, this heroic man struggled as he lay dying to forgive his captors. The wonderful priest who said the sermon at his funeral told us all to pray for him, yes, but not only for him: pray TO him, because he knew my Dad was in heaven.

What a wonderful person God created in him - thank you for giving him to me as a father, God!

Miss you so much, Pop. I didn't learn all you had to teach me in only 39 years!

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What a beautiful story about your dad. You sound so strong and wonderful. He sounds so strong and wonderful too. He is watching over you now, and you can be with him everyday, also, you will always be learning from him, just because he is no longer in the physical doesn't mean he can't still show and teach you things my friend.

God Bless you!!

Rana :wink:

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