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Forget the picture - I WANT THOSE SWEET KITTIES!!

I have a question -- I've read where a few people get new pets while undergoing treatment, but I've avoided doing that. When I was first diagnosed, my biggest worry was who was going to take care of my kitties if something happened to me. I had 3 then, and lost Boopy right after I got out of the hospital. Now there are 2, and I've often thought about getting a small dog or another cat, because Tootsie (on the left in the picture) is SO rambunctious and Button won't play with her :( .

The last thing I want to do is to take in a pet and then get sick and have to worry about finding good homes for them. OTOH, I want to NOT be sick as long as possible, and there are so many strays out there, that I can't help but think that taking one in no matter what would be a good thing to do.

Opinions? :?:


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If you are looking at strays that may otherwise be euthanized, go for it. No matter what, you will be extending and bettering their lives...

My little pound puppy was the sweetest, most loving creature...I don't know where she was before, but she sure loved me and needed me as much as I needed her...

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I wouldn't think of getting one anywhere other than the pound or shelter. The 2 I have now are rescues -- little Button is still so scared of everything, even after all the years I've had her. Tootsie was brought to me shortly after I lost my sweet little Siamese 2 years ago. I was supposed to just keep her a few days (yeahrightsure) until they found her a home. haha. :roll:

My thought is that if I decide to do that, I can get an older animal, and hopefully will avoid the house training, and get one that has been around cats before.

I'm not going to do anything for a while, but just wanted a few opinions on the matter. Thanks, Becky! :wink:


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That's ok. This is one of those threads that who gives a hooey if it gets post-jacked, huh?

By the way, the cats won't dance because the original dancing photo was in .bmp format instead of .gif. Wish you all could have seen them. Dancing was not a good explanation. They actually wiggled - RAPIDLY! It was very cute!

About the "rescuing". Both of our dogs are rescued. One more than the other. We are certain are big brown dog was beaten because for about 6 mos., every time we picked up ANYTHING, she would duck like we were going to hit her. If we picked up a broom, a stick, or even a trash bag, she would run and hide. She is much, much, much better now and is a spoiled brat just like our kid. LOLOLOL!

Everybody have a good weekend!!



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Happy Friday to you too Peggy. Love the kitties, aren't they adorable! This afternoon I intend to enjoy my Friday, I am going to play "surrogate Grandma" for the little girl from across the road. Her Grandma can't make it to her Christmas concert and she was so disappointed so I offered to go in Granma's place. I can't make it to my grandaughters concert either so this will be nice for me too.

Have a good weekend,

Love Paddy

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Peggy, sorry your very cute kittens wouldn't dance for us, so I thought I'd send you these guys. They aren't as cute, but they like to boogie. I couln't figure out another way to sent them, so I temporarily set it as my signature avatar.

Happy Friday to you and everyone else too!


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