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PCI - One day at a time. (Day 4)


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YAY!! The first day that I didn't consider the mask to be my worst problem of the day! Finally got these 2 techs talking, and had a funny conversation with the guy tech about the MRI tube. He hates it too! But, he was under one for over an hour once, and said he was wanting OUT. I told him the only way I could stay in there for 1 minute would be with general anesthesia! :roll: The other tech had a new haircut that was really great. I told her that if and when I had hair again, I'd like to have mine that way!

Fridays are see the doc after treatment days, so I was happy to tell him that I wasn't having headaches, had taken Ibuprofin only twice since this started, and that was for what I thought might be a headache, but the Ibuprofin took care of it right away. He says that as long as the side effects from the radiation are less than they would be from steroids, we'll not do the steroids. Amen to that! I have no fatigue, and he said he didn't expect I would. The only thing I really feel is a mild pressure -- sort of like the pressure you'd feel when your ears are stopped up on an airplane, except milder.

We talked a little about the wheeze, and he thinks it will just go away with time, and probably gets worse in damp weather like we're having now -- he is correct about that.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, as usual. I LOVE Saturday mornings -- I snooze and watch tv and snooze a while, and just be lazy until at least 10:00 or so. Hopefully we'll see some sun this weekend.

The timing with this disease was really strange -- here it is at the end of the year and I'm winding down the treatment phase, and will start off a new year having gone through all that and gone into remission. It is an open book, the future. What will happen and when is an unknown. But I'm mighty glad I'm around to face it.


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I felt queasy on Wednesday morning and worse on Thursday and later

Thursday I proceeded to vomit and i had a very bad headache. I can't

take any NSAID so that means ifbuprofen is off limits. My radiologist

gave me decadron accompanied by Pepcid/AC to prevent an ulcer. If

the terrific headaches continues, he will stop the PCI treatment. We

will discuss it on Monday. Since they are PCI, I would like to continue.

I was 76 at diagnosis, dx'd 05/06/03.

Finished chemo 11/03

completed 28 rads 08/03

hospitalized 11/26 pneumonia

finallly offered PCI in December :roll:

I wondered why they waited so long.

I smelled the strange odor this morning for the first time.

I asked about the colored streaks. Were this treatment not for an

agressive cancer, I would find it fascinating.

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Di, so glad you are tolerating the treatment so well. It will be over before you know it.

Alice, I had headaches, eye problems and nausea the first week. They put me on 8mg decadron a day for 5 days (along with the Pepcid). We gradually decreased the dosage. After treatment ended, I was still having brain swelling symptoms, so back on the decadron (8mg for 5 days, I am now on 6 mg for 5 days, will go to 4 mg for 4 days, then 2 then I will be done. I have not had any side effects from the decadron and really do much better on it. I hope it straightens everything out for you.

I am with you Di, about the new year. I can't wait to start up 2005 with a clean slate. Take care guys

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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i think you got it made!!!!....

seems like it goes one way or the other.... you either get sick w/in 1-2 of 'em or you dont get sick.....

seems like everybody gets the fatigues and stupids...... some more/some less...

i didnt tolerate decadron well.... they were giving me 12 mg/day....and i didnt take them RIGHT a couple of times YOU DONT WANT TO DO THAT....

they will make you crazy or worse if you dont take 'em just right.....

alice sounds like her deal is the most like mine.... if it was like me once i got on the decadron .. i didnt have any pci probs as much...... but i really felt like crap from the decadron....nooooooo sleeeeeeeeeep....always eating....... hehehehe... .........s

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Alice - sorry you're having such a rough time. :(

I had a little nausea last night, but it felt more like indigestion! After a few good belches, :oops: it was all gone! Didn't want food for the rest of the evening though, but had my trusty popsicles! All is fine this morning.

I actually woke up this morning feeling "normal." That mild pressure I'd been feeling isn't there. Will be nice to have the break this weekend.

And yes -- week 1 is OVER!! YAY!! Full week next week, then just 3 more days the next. Whew. Hoping I can make it through this without the Decacron.


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Nancy: I am having similar treatment for headache and another for

nausea. i certainly wish to finish the 15 treatments. You seem to have

done well and i am happy for you. thanks for your encouragement.

Schmaydee: the first picture depicts how I feel. I got sick on the

third treatment. I feel some better today. THanks for your input. I am

taking l6 mg a day for now.

DI: iwas hoping that i would be as successful as you have been but i am

hoping that the radiologist does not stop the treatment. i started and I

hope that I can finish. What kind of popsicles?

Dx'd Limited SCLC 05/06/03

chemo from 06/03 -11/03

radiation from 06/03 -08/03 28 rads

hospitalized pneumonia11/26/03

offered PCI 12/06/04 - scheduled 15 treatments :(

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They have popsicles in just about every flavor you can imagine -- also sugar free!

I like the cherry & grape, and have found those with banana in a box of 24. I go through a box of popsicles REALLY fast!

If you have diabetes or a sugar problem, just get the sugar free -- they are great too.

These became lifesavers for me when I had such an icky taste in my mouth from the chemo and radiation. They not only help with that, but are a good fluid source as well.

Maybe this weekend will help you recup a bit. I was overjoyed just to get up and not have to face that mask today! :P


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Hi Di,

I have not done the PCi yet, but read all of your posts as I gear up for it. I do howver have "the wheeze". Just hate it. Mine also worse w/ bad weather. Had mine for 3 months, got it the last day of chest radiation. Are you using inhaler's?

Thanks for keeping us all up to date.


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My wheeze came sometime near the end of chest radiation. It's a royal pain, for sure! I have an inhaler - Combivent - but don't use it too often. I mostly use it at night when I'm trying to go to sleep and the wheeze is too noisy! I can breath fine, and it's become a daily thing -- cough a few minutes and get up some crud, then it's fine for the rest of the day. It's worse when I just finish walking or exerting myself, but I'm going on the theory that that is a GOOD thing - to keep air going through there as much as possible. It doesn't impede breathing at all.

The funniest is when the wheeze sounds like a whistle, and Tootsie cat is sleeping on top of me. She looks at me like "whaaaaat???" :?

Did anyone happen to catch CBS Sunday Morning? The first segment was about cancer survivors. It seems as though since 1975 we (survivors of all types of cancer) went from 3 million to now over 10 million, and the 5 year survival has increased from about 36% to over 64% during that same period. YAY US!! :D


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I did see the Sunday Morning story on cancer. I thought it was very uplifting and gives hope that medical science is headed in the right direction.

Any story on cancer helps bring attention and hopefully funding to research. I was glad to see that quality of life issues are becoming important as more and more people are surviving this disease for longer and longer periods of time.

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