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pathology Report-what is grade?

ken f.

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i finally got pathology report after 11/24/2004 surgery.

it notes, inter alia:

wedge biopsy specimens, right lower lobe and right upper lobe

tumor type: adenocarcinoma

Histologic grade: Grade II/III-right lower lobe; Grade II-III/III-right upper lobe

tumor size: right upper 3.2 cm and right lower 1.1 cm.

pleura invasion: right lower specimen evaluation impossible due to disrepted state of specimen (CT and pet scans showed tumor away from pleural walls). pleura surrounding right upper lobe free of neoplasm

bronchial margin of resection: negative in both

invasion of other structures: not identified

peritumoral lung: both specimens show congestion;

lymph nodes: 15 lymph notes negative 0/9 right lvel 4; 06 right level 7)

non-neoplastic lung: unremarkable.

my reaction is to think that this is not the best, but certainly not the worst, path report i might have been able to see.

i am uncertain what the "Grade" level conotes.

how is grade used in staging?

i thot i'd ask all of you prior to meeting with onco doc next week.

yours, ken

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As I understand it, grade is a measure of the cancer aggressiveness and stage is a measure of how far the cancer has spread from the source. They are independent measures.

Grade, depending on the type of cancer, is usually on a scale of 1-4 or 1-5, with the higher numbers being the most aggressive. Stage is usually on a scale of 1-4, with 1-2 contains in the source, and 3-4 outside the source.

You need to clarify all this with the oncologist. Don

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