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what is this called??


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My gram has just been diagnosed and has a malignant pleural effusion. She is going in nest thurs to have it drained with an ultrasound and tube in her back. Can you tell me what this is called and if anyone has had this done. My gram does not want any treatment and is only getting this done to be staged to be eligible to get hospice. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


lung nodules/next ct scan 12/30

mom died of LC 7/13/95

now my gram

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The draining procedure is called thoracentesis, my husband just got that done less than 2 weeks ago. Putting the tube in is probably called the chest tube, not sure. My husband got the draining but not the tube.

For him it was done with a local anesthetic with ultrasound for guidence. He sat on a table, leaning forward over a bedside table, they went in with a long needle between two ribs on once side of his back. It went pretty fast. It was mildly uncomfortable towards the end. He had some soreness afterward at the site of the needle, but it passed.

I am so sorry to hear about your granny. At least, hopefully, the hospice will keep her comfortable and you can share some good time for a little while.


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Thank you Margaret, I printed her up some info on this procedure. Will she need someone to stay with her for a certain amount of time as she lives alone?? Has your hubbys fluid stayed gone? I hear it can sometimes come back quick. Thanks again.


lung nodules/next ct 12/30

Lost mom to lc 7/13/95

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You might ask the doctors what they recommend. Jim was already in the hospital when it was done but I think if it had been outpatient, there was no extra need. He felt the same after or even a little better as the pressure was relieved. Due to a local anesthetic, there was no extra drowsyness or anything like that. I think the fluid has not returned yet but we won't know for sure until xrays. He says he doesn't feel any pressure like he did. Yes, I have been told that if it is malignant it very often will come back. We are just going to watch out for pressure or pain on that side, also increased shortness of breath. (So hard to guess, isn't it?) Good luck to you and your family. We care. Margaret

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The fluid can come back. But please let her know that having it drained will make her much more comfortable, too.

You mention that she lives alone- if no one is able to stay with her, is there a possibility of a daily check by a health nurse while you're getting hospice set up?

An important factor to consider is whether she's just 'given up' or if she's making informed decisions on her treatments/non-treatment.

There are many things she can do to improve her quality of life for the time she has left, such as 02, adequate pain medications, nutrition.

Pain medications are very sedating, and if approached properly, she might be willing to use the 02- even if it's just at night. That is the time when the o2 saturation drops the most for poeple.

Good luck

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