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Hello! New here! Grateful for the info and support!


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HI! I am 70 years young and was Diagnosed with SCLC in early August. Am having my last chemo (6th) of Carboplatin and Etoposide next week. My cancer is extensive. Last CT/PET Scan showed that it is responding very well to the chemo. MY recent brain MRI shows no problem there.

I had a second opinion and that Dr. treats agressively. Present Dr. is more conservative. I am very confused about which Oncologist to go with. I am also scared about the coming time, after the initial chemo.

It has been supportive to read about those of you who are doing well and are having a long survival time! Thank you!


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Hi Marge - and welcome. So sorry you need to be in a place such as this, but there are great people here and you'll find amazing support.

We're all scared to a degree, so don't feel all alone on that count. It sounds like you are making terrific progress so far. Keep up the good work!


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Hello Marge:

I am glad that you had the courage to post. I read these posts for more

thatn a year but didn't find anyone writing who was in my age bracket

but desperatioon for info about PCI caused me to write. I went for a

second opinion after my first visit to an onc, who told me to give up

immediately since there was little hope. I never returned to the first


I truly understand your fears. I have them but I have tried to focus on

one day at the time and try to enjoy that day and not worry about tomorrow.

There are some very supportive people on this site who encourage and


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Marge: you can gather that my brain is fuzzy. I intended to say that

I am now 78 and had many ailments when they topped it off with

cancer. I was stunned.

Diagnosed with sclc limited: May 06, 2003

currently cancer is stable with what is assumed to be scarring

PCI began on Dec 07,2004, not tolerating the treatment well

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Thanks for the good words Alice! Sure need them. Sounds like you are doing well and I hope the PCI gets easier for you! It is hard when there are other health problems to contend with! Medications don't always mix well!

Other than a back problem and Glaucoma to deal with, I am healthy. No problems with BP or heart. Have always been healthy and find this hard to take. I hate to go to the doctor and these tests are too much! Might as well get used to it! Thanks for feedback to all of you! Marge

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Hi Alice and Mouse...and welcome!

I just wanted to let the two of you know that there is a member here....soccermom...whose mother just went thru treatment for sclc. Her mom was MY hero and inspiration as she is 82 years old and got through treatment very well! :) Few side effects.

Her mom opted not to do the PCI at her age....but she is, at last report, doing great and feeling well. So...wanted to let you both know that while yes, getting whacked with this diagnosis is sometimes complicated by other health issues OR our age....there ARE inspirations out there like soccermom's mom!

Wishing you both well...and am glad you found this site as you'll get lots of encouragement and support here! I may be "only" 58 :wink: ...but when dx'd, I already had three autoimmune disorders and a kidney condition! I still made it thru tx with few issues or problems....so sometimes, I think we surprise ourselves with what we can tolerate.

I'm sure you two will do just fine...and when you have questions or need a hand to hold...there are plenty of us here to help!

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Dear Marge,

I can relate to being scared. Cancer is very scary. You sound like you have a very positive attitude which is great. I am a 2 1/2 year survivor of small cell lc. Ok, not the same as you,exactly because your diagnosis is extensive, but you can fight, just like we all do. You can win, I know you can. Please let us know how you're doing, we care. Take it one day at a time. We're right behind you :):)


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Thanks for your welcome. I felt like the 82 year old but I decided to

fight and try the treatment after the encouragement of my oncologist.

You of course are right that this disease does not respect age or anything

and I guess you just do the best that you can. You seem to be doing

very well in helping calm other people. Di said that you helped her

and she helped me and I am trying to help Marge some. I am not very

good with the computer and just was forced to write when I read Di's

log. Well, we are all in this together and we revel in each success because

it inspires each of us.


You are blessed to be a two and a half year survivor. It gives me much

hope. I have so many ailments that I feeel they are having a race to

beat cancer to the finish line.

I have learned to try to make the best of each day and focus on this

day and not worry about tomorrow so much that i don't enjoy the

present. I fight each battle one at the time as best I can.

dx'd May 06. 2003 sclc limited

28 rads, concurrent with 4 cycles of Chemo

PCI scheduled Dec. 6 through Dec. 27.


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Today was the last day of my last cycle of Carboplatin and V16! I had 6 cycles of three days a week every three weeks. So glad to be finished with that!

Now the scary part! What is next? Will see Onco next Thursday and make arrangements for CT/PET Scan. Then, we will decide what comes next! You pray for me; I'll pray for all of you! Love and peace, Marge

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