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My dad had a cat scan yesterday and we found out that he has inflamed lungs due to radiation (radiation pneumonitis)I originally posted under doctors behavior... So radiation has stopped until he gets better and chemo is postponed..... His cat scan did show no cancer in the lungs.... Any way my parents have a home in fla. as well as here in gloomy, cold ,yucky,soon to get even colder Michigan. He loves being in florida in the winter. We decided enough is enough lets takes him where he really wants to be... My wonderful husband and I are driving him and mom there next sat...... We plan on spending 10 days there so it will be a treat to get some warmth..... I think dad will get better there because there is so much more for him to do....He is so thrilled to finally be able to go... Its not as though there isnt any cancer centers there..... He does have doctors there so hopefully they can recommend a good onc.... they are in Port Charlette area if anyone has any recommendations... the NCI has some reccommendations also, still would like your recommendations if you have any....... cant wait to be in the sunshine...........cathy

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Dear Cathy,

Sorry to hear your dad has the dreaded (radiation pneumontis)! I had it three months after I completed my radiation treatments. I know it's no fun to have. You might want to look on the SCLC forum because I know our friend Sam has been dealing with it was well. I was very lucky in getting mine under control right away.

I am sure you will have a WONDERFUL time in Florida, I just wish I could go with!!! :):) I'm up here in Minnesota and it's darn cold here today!!

Isn't Moffet Cancer Center in Florida? hummm! I think that's the one down their? Some say it's good and some say.............!! But, then again that could be anywhere!!

Have a nice safe trip and we will be looking forward to hearing how things went when you return.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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thanks everyone for your responses.... the N.C.I does recommend the moffit centers and I know there is an affiliate in fort meyers, which is about 45 minutes from my parents which I think is closer than Tampa (thank you Donna) but I'm not sure so I"m going to ask them tomorrow. I will let you know what happens Thanks all...cathy

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