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PCI - One day at a time. (Day 5)


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What a nice weekend -- quiet, weather was decent (well, for most of it anyway!).

Then back to the big machine this a.m. - ugh! Not too "ugh" though, as it's becoming just part of my daily habit. Honestly, I walked in their door this morning and straight into the treatment room at 8:20, walked out and on my way back to the car at 8:30. Wow. :o It goes SO fast. Keep in mind that part of that 10 minutes is spent walking in and out, taking off earrings and coat, positioning on table, etc., so not all under that bleepin' mask! And even the bleepin' mask isn't so daunting now that I've learned to get comfy underneath it. (Well, not exactly "comfy," but as comfy as possible given the circumstances!)

Trying to keep tabs on little things so I don't forget them, but so far not a problem. Things like the level of the parking garage where I park -- I write that down every morning so I won't spend an hour walking the garage at night looking for my car! I can't tell any deficit there, but then again, I may have forgotten the things I don't want to forget! :P

The damp weather goes away and the wheeze gets a lot better -- hardly noticeable this morning, even after my morning walk.

But just so I don't get all warm and fuzzy because things are going well, my bathroom light goes out, and the bathtub drain needs to be replaced, and the phones at work are out. :x

Oh well. Happy Monday!!


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Good Morning, Di:

I told my radiologist about you this morning and that I could hardly

wait to get home to see what happened to you this day. You are so


He did tell me that he would continue to treat me with decadron and

adjust the dosage as time goes by to see it I could make it through the 15 treatments. I certainly want to finish. Slight headache is coming on

now. I am a bit shaky and I sometimes take a bit of time to finish my

sentences with difficulty but I am still alive and that is good.

I bought the popsicles. Thanks for your suggestion. It is so nice of you

to have been posting all the time. I felt for a long time that there was

absolutely very little hope and have been psyching myself up for the worse. I now dare to hope a little.

I now have to get a CBC count and keep plugging away. I am impressed

with how quickly I can get away. I have an 8:45 appointment and am

usually out before 9:00. Today took a bit longer because I saw the doctor.

You have become a ray of sunshine in a drab day. You are sick too but

you are really helping me.

Gentle hugs and prayers.

Dx'd Limited SCLC,o5/06/03

Chemo finished 11/03

Completed 28 rads 08/03

Hospitalized Pneumonia 11/26/03

Offered PCI 15 TREATMENTS 12/06/04

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bacalice -- how very sweet you are. Please don't let me take all this credit though -- before me was Addie, Schmaydee is going through this, and others, and I got info from them. It's that "pass it along" theory that works so well! You're seeing this because it's been a while since we discussed PCI, so I decided I'd put up some newer messages about it for new people, and there you came!

I think you should always hope -- always. You've gone a whole year before me with limited SCLC, and are an inspiration to me!

My mother is 91. She's in better health than all 3 of her kids! She inspires me as well as she gets around and does for herself. And, of course, still bosses me around plenty! :roll: She wants to know everything I'm doing and going through, so I started sending emails to my brother who lives near her, and he prints them so she can read them. Once that started, it was easy to just copy what I write here to those emails and keep her up to date.

You hang in there. We have a whole lot of hope, you and I, and all the others here.


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That was one thing I read about and wanted nothing to do with! Now, after hearing you, it doesn't sound so bad. Dianne and Bacalice you are so strong and brave!

Please tell me if Dr. said memory problems would clear and how long it would take! Also, hair loss; is it permanent or will it grow back? :roll:

Prayers on the way! Marge

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Mouse, I don't think anyone really knows for sure just how much or how long those things will last, if they occur. My Radiation Oncologist said that I'd probably notice no difference in doing calculations or in cognitive skills. He said that the key to the short term memory is just like they tell any patient -- make lists, keep your mind busy, and do things like read, watch Jeopardy (like Addie - I bet she wins every time!) to keep all the pistons firing!

As to hair loss? He said that it could range from it all coming out to it just thinning, and that usually happens about the 3rd week. The 3rd week is when I'm done, so I'm hoping it won't all come out! But even if it does, it's a small price to pay for the extra assurance I get from knowing that this is improving my survival odds dramatically. I didn't lose my hair with the chemo - I was mentally prepared for that to happen, but it didn't. I've moved past that now -- it's not something I'd want to happen, of course, but if it does, and if it's the worst thing that happens to me, I'm still in good shape!

I think that with side effects, one must understand that you can fit anywhere within a range of having none to having the worst. We just don't know that going in. Fortunately, having a good health care team at the ready to help you through makes that process easier. I know that if there was anything strange going on with me, just a word to the techs and I'd be seen immediately.

Whatever you decide, it will have to be the best thing for YOU. You are the one who knows how you feel, and how aggressive you want to be in fighting back this monster. It sounds like you have that well in hand.


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