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I don't usually ask, but . . . .


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Hi Peggy!! Relax, take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the rest of the week until Friday. I tried to read my scans and had both lungs full of cancer... I can really read those things. :wink: Dr said... a 2cm spot in the right upper lobe, that's a long way from both lungs being full of cancer!! :roll: Ill never try to read those crazy things again! Had my stomach all in knotts!

You've got a lot people here praying for you and your husband. Just know we are all here for you, and remember the eyeballs!!! That's a real hoot!!! :lol::lol:

Hugs and Prayers,


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Boy do I know how you feel. Please know that your husband is in my thoughts and prayers and hoping so bad that you just don't know your "stuff"! Friday will be here before you know it, try to think of anything but that MRI......YEAH RIGHT!!!! I'll be thinking of you this week and just think, I have to wait until January 5th for my update!


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THANK YOU EVERYONE! Wow, it is so uplifting to get all these responses. And, yes, Katie, I am feeling the effects of the prayers and am not nearly as wound up as I was last night. I'll be ok waiting it out.

Your various stories about what you thought you saw in your films reminded me that in Aug. 2003 our son got mad and walked out of the hospital when he saw the MRI films the doctor was looking at. I think he stayed drunk for 3 days. He thought his dad's brain was almost solid cancer. What he didn't know was that what he was looking at was the edema. Once the edema cleared, the mets were quite small in comparison to those big blobs of white. Trying to read scans CAN be very risky business!

I got the CD of the chest today and compared it to Sept. and it looks EXACTLY the same as last time. The pericardial effusion even looks exactly the same and that has been my biggest worry.

I'm still concerned about all those white dots on the brain MRI, but my husband always says, "I'm not going to worry about. It's going to be what it's going to be." So, I've adopted that attitude, and yes, I will be more relaxed for the rest of the week.

Thanks again!!



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Sorry I am late responding to you. I read your request shortly after it was posted but I haven't had much time to reply to folks. I HAVE been praying for you since I read it though. I hope all goes well for you guys. It won't be long and I will be asking for prayers for the same thing. Dad has six more WBR treatments to go through, then I'm sure he will get an MRI. Waiting for scan results is the absolute worst!!

I do like Cindi oh's idea.............count sheep, count your blessings.........don't count the white dots!!! :wink:

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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