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Holiday Blues???


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We are kind of dragging our tails, too, but I bought extra little presents, wrapped them in shiny paper, family helped put up extra lights, we are going for a good holiday if we feel like it or not.

It is a time of love and gentleness, I feel that all around us. I hope it brings you comfort and peace.

Margaret & Jim

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Rich, I'm luckier than a lot of us.I feel well enought to get out and get around.But I always hurry to the computer to see how everyone is doing and the last couple of days has been bad news and slow activity.I figured that everyone is busy right now with the holidays.Hoping you feel less badly for the holiday season.

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Me too...

for some reason I am just dragging this year. Can't seem to get with it and get into the spirit of things. I have to force myself because I've got kids depending on me to make it a good Christmas. Almost done with the shopping, that will help.

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Coming off the high of being told I was NED in October....the past 3 weeks - other than coping with the effects of PCI - have included the death of an old friend (very unexpectedly), the death of the father of a golf friend and another golf friend stricken by a massive stroke while out of state (he's now back here, after regaining enough strength to come home by air ambulance...but he's still in hospital rehab. :( )

I also had to come to grips with the fact that my youngest, in an effort to keep the girlfriend happy....will be home this Friday but will LEAVE here on Christmas Day to fly back to be with her. Usually our big dinner is on Christmas Day...but this year, I'm having to reshuffle everything. :roll:

I wouldn't say I'm depressed...but there is something of an "air" of sadness cast over the holidays. My mother died on Christmas Eve l985....so that doesn't help, either.

I've been in my kitchen a lot lately...making things to give out as little "gifties from the kitchen". I find it helps offset the less than happy thoughts or feelings. I've had my tree up for a while too....as looking at the Christmas tree always brings lots of warm and good memories and smiles.

Like Frank said....all considered I think I'm luckier than most although it's been something of an amazement to me to find just how many friends sort of disappear when the dx is cancer. It's like they are already saying goodbye to you or something! :? Then again, those that don't disappear...are the ones you know you can count on, eh?

No matter what our troubles are....we can always find someone who has it worse, I think. So I try to remember that and forge ahead counting all the blessings I do have and trying not to get too caught up in all the MIA's in my life.....either those who've disappeared or those who have died.

Whatever it takes...for those feeling a little blue, I hope you find some way to pull yourself out of it a bit....and smile thru the rest of the holidays. Maybe the slowdown in posts is just because people are busy...eh? Making merry, getting into the spirit of things....decking the halls! :wink:

I hope so! I always have my moments of reflection and sadness during the holidays....but for the most part, I try to keep positive. In my case....all it takes is a new stuffie toy for my dogs....and the smiles are automatic! When they talk about "kids and Christmas"....let me tell you, the thrill of a new toy isn't any different when your "kid" has four legs, a tail and sheds on your carpet!! :shock::D

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Ah.......It's The Joyful Season.

I find myself getting a bit tearful these days for many reasons. My Mom always told me that the best way to lift your spirit is to uphold someone else.

So to help combat the weepies I took two of the tags from the Angel Tree at church. (each tag represents a child living in a group or domestic violence home, or a homeless shelter.) The first tag I picked was the one I saw a dozen or so people pick and put back. It was for a 15 year old boy. The second tag was for a two year old boy who apparently is the same size as a 5 or 6 year old. I picked him because I had a son who was over 44 inches tall by the time he was 3. (There is nothing out of the reach of a 'toddler' who is taller than the kitchen counter height.)

If I can focus on the reason for the season I'll enjoy this time of year. It's okay to be sad...Lord knows we have reason. But we also have reason to be joyful. If nothing else, we have found one another and we have each other here to help us along the way.... I find great comfort and joy in that.

I consider this site and the people who frequent it to be a true gift...all year long!

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It is "that time of year", this is my first x-mas since dx. I kept telling myself when I got to Thanksgiving it would all be over and I would be feeling good (well that didn't work, it's almost x-mas now). Well I'm not as "good" as I thought I would be BUT I shouldn't complain. :roll:

I went over board on gifts for my children, I'm supposed to be positive about this cancer thing.....but I keep thinking (just incase) lets make this x-mas magical and one the kids won't forget. I think I bought them so much...not just for them....but so I can enjoy watching them open their gifts and see their eyes light up. They are the ones that got me through treatment, without them, I would have just had the surgery and taken my chances.

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hi RichinSD.

While I lived in Hawaii for about 6 years, I also got the winter blahs...I think that it is nature's way of slowing us down; like He puts the trees to sleep, the grass to sleep, and the bears to sleep. Everything gets a little slower... either that or I was on Hawaiian time. And then come Spring....look out. We are happy and refreshed by everything around us, right? If it weren't for sleepy Winter, we would not get the new growth that Winter is already resting us up for.

It is different too with being ill. I can't do the things I once enjoyed...cross country skiing, ice skating, snowsledding, downhill, snowmen, snowball fights, all the foolishness that comes with being young and or healthy. I can still sit in a fish house though. And believe you me, I am spocking friends out to see some open times...!!

Hope the sun shines on you soon and you find some glimmers to give you back your sparkle. Just may be in the shape of snow flakes or icicles.

Oh I know something that will get your attention! Lick a flag pole at 20 below. That will perk you up!

love, Cindi o'h

Together WE Heal.

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Blues?? Yep, I've got 'em! We have received so much bad news concerning my Dad in the past few weeks, it's very hard to have Christmas spirit.

As Ry said, I have two daughters depending on me to make Christmas magical just like I do every other year. My Dad feels that this will be his last Christmas, so I also feel tremendous pressure to make this a magical Christmas for him, too. I have done very little shopping, but I do have plans to go this Friday with my best friend. She is going to "push" me and help me get my shopping done. (If it wasn't for her "pushing" me and you guys here giving me a lift, I really don't know how I would have made it this far) Maybe after I get my shopping done I will get in the Christmas spirit. (probably not...............the check book will be empty :wink: )

I have been trying to remember the true reason that I celebrate Christmas..........the birth of Jesus. That always brings a smile to my face. I wish you all a very merry Christmas!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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