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Hello, by a fate of life I find myself here


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Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor and really have tired to take

care of myself. Recentlly I just found out that I was exposed to a

high level of radon in my home. Radon exposure is the second

leading cause of lung cancer. Now I just don't know what to do.

They say the level was high, but would be worse if I were a smoker,

so I thought I would join this forum to see if I could learn

more about lung cancer. I just don't know what to do nowl

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I want to welcome you to this forum for sure. You will find so much information about lung cancer. Maybe even too much!! lol

I think that after a diagnosis of any kind of cancer, our lives are never the same. Congratulations, first of all, for surviving breast cancer. It sounds as if the demons may be creeping into your life. Again, very common for any kind of cancer survivor.

I am trying to read into your post and it sounds to me as if you may be concerned that because of the radon exposure in your home that your liklihood for developing lung cancer is higher than the average person? I am just guessing that is what you are saying anyway.

Most people will feel a whole lot better and get peace of mind if they will go to their doctor and discuss in all seriousness the desire for a lung cancer screening test...which depending on the doctor may be chest xray or chest CT. If you do have cancer, it is best to catch it early and treat it early.

It doesn't do anybody any good to sit around "wondering" if they have lung cancer or not. There are no early warning signs. Most early lung cancers have been "caught" by mistake.

Later stage lung cancers seem to develop some signs...shortness of breath, odd coughing, cough that does not go away, coughing up blood.

Some people who are "caught" in late stage lung cancer have never had any symptoms.

For me, if I were in your shoes, I would probably get a screening just to put my mind at ease. I am sorry that your house has high radon levels. That must be a huge blow to you to find that out. Is there anything that can be done to reverse the radon levels? Is there any kind of air purifier that would help? Or are you contemplating having to move?

I guess I am trying to read a lot into your brief post to help you out.

Could you give us a little more of your ideas and thoughts?

This is a great group of people who truly care about each other and folks that have had the same fears as you. I am including myself here.

Hang in there. And if you have any other comments or concerns. At least one of us will be around to help you through.

Again. welcome.

Cindi o'h

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I know you are right, I am concerned that now my risk of

lung cancer is high and I know what you are tellling me is the

thing to do, I just guess I am scared because of my breast cancer

that they really will find things. Because I had breast cancer I

am at a high risk for lung cancer from the breast cancer, it could

metasize to my lung, but I will do what I have to do and ask

my oncologist about this when I see him. I guess I just

want someone to tell me forget itand go on and live my life.

I am tired of always worrying and chasing problems. Thanks for caring.

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Screening would be good, since you know you've been exposed. You state your doctor said that smoking would have been worse - remember that only about 10% of smokers get lung cancer. Your odds must be lower than that.

Also, if breast cancer mets. to the lung, it is not lung cancer, it's still breast cancer. Lung cancer is when the primary tumor is in the lung - it does not become brain cancer, kidney cancer, bone cancer, etc. if/when it mets.

I would suggest staying on top of things, getting a yearly CT maybe (talk to your doctor), but I sure wouldn't suggest jumping to conclusions that you are going to end up here. Odds are higher that you won't!

Stick around if you'd like, gather information, but I sure hope you don't become a "card carrying member".


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