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My first chemo


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I remember how very apprehensive I was to get my first chemo. Just like you, I was so afraid of the unknown. I waited for a couple of days after each treatment to see if I would be ill and I was lucky. No problems except for sore joints. I hope you have the same good fortune.

I shared your story with my husband, who is a therapist and he said to insist on another therapist. It happens all the time. I agree that you need a good mother figure to talk with.

I'm praying and thinking of you a lot.

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Hi dear, dear Jay,

I can't imagine the pain you are feeling and I want to reach through the computer to give you a mom's hug (((((((((((((JAY))))))))))))))))).

It is so important to have the right therapist. One time in my life I suffered from depression and anxiety attacks for months. I went to 4 different counselors until I found the perfect person for me. I pray that you will find just the right person for you.

Please continue to come here and post as you are an important part of this family.

Blessings to you,


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