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Bob is not doing well..


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He was done with radiation about 3 weeks ago, and has been better pain wise but all of a sudden he is having horrible pain in his hip and down one leg. Jo is right now calling the onc. She didn''t know if that was what she should do but I did convince her they would want to know about new severe pain. He is on duragesic 100 patch and motrin 800.

She says he looks awful today and seems to her to be detiorating all of a sudden almost overnight. Don't know what to think.



I fell on the ice last night. Spent 6 hours in ER, got 2 CT scans and lots of xrays, 2 stitches in the back of my head, a big lump there, very very sore arm but not broken. Lots of blood, YUK.

Also have a little concussion so I feel pretty crappy, but I am actually fine, wanted to ask for prayers for Bob.



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Jo is right in calling the doctor, especially if she is seeing something occuring rapidly along with a new and severe pain. I hope Bob is okay...

As for you, Grace....GEEZ! Never do anything halfway, huh? Hope your head is all better soon and you don't have too many nightmares about blood!

Take care, and BE CAREFUL!



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Sounds like you have had a terrible couple of days! First of all I really hope that Bob gets to the doctor to discover what is causing the new pain. Enduring constant severe pain can definately cause you to feel horrible. Hopefully they will get this under control and he will start to perk up.

As for you, OUCH! Sounds like you really took a tumble. We don't have that problem with the ice here in Houston. We think we have to declare a state of emergency if the temp gets to 32! Anyway, take it easy for a while and stay off that ice! Hope you start to feel better soon and can enjoy the holidays.


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Hey, Nell. We don't "bounce" the way we used to, huh? LOL! I am petrified when I have to walk on ice that I am going to fall. I hope your body heals quickly!

I'm so sorry to hear that Bob is having more pain and that it is so severe. I hope the doctors work FAST to this taken care right away.

Keep us posted on Bob and also on how you are doing.



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Oh Nell! So sorry to hear that Bob is having such a rough time. Hopefully his doctor will see him promptly and get to the bottom of things.

As for you, I'll call you what my hubby ALWAYS calls me........GRACE!! Poor thing! I hope you make a speedy recovery. If it makes you feel any better...........I am one of those "truly graceful" people. :oops: I seem to hit my elbow on every door frame in the house. My little toe always seems to find the foot of the bed in the dark. *sigh* Guess that's why my hubby calls me Grace! :?

Get well soon and let us know what you find out about Bob, o.k.??

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Sorry I am late here, but I have been missing posts.

I hope Bob has found out a little more about what is causing the pain and that it is being treated.

Well, you need to stay on your feet, Nell! Quit trying to walk on your knees! Seriously, I hope you are healing nicely and that you have happy holidays planned.

love and fortitude


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