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Celebrities (sp?) who will help

Guest Janet W password no work!

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Guest Janet W password no work!

I haven't found any yet. I have started emailing some but so far, no response.

Not that I really expected a response but thought it was worth a try. Do you think some are still being paid to smoke in the movies they're in, on stage, etc.? I was watching music videos the other night and one pretty young lady was promoting it in a big way, by her actions and the whole message was, "I am pretty, sexy, and beautiful. I smoke and I'm SOOO sharp!"

That worked years ago and I guess it is still working. I am disappointed that a music video channel would be party to it, but I guess we have the best entertainment money can buy - but just exactly is paying their paydays?!

So far I have received no response from any celebrity I've written. Has anyone else done any writing to such people?

Perhaps I should make a list of "those who have not responded) instead.


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