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PET/Cat Scans


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I'm new, might not be in the correct spot but figured someone might be able to help.

I am going for my PET?Cat scan tomorrow. This is being done in a mobile unit that comes to my local hospital on Fridays.

I had wanted a disc of my Pet/Cat scan, just like I have from my MRI's. The MRI study was put on a disc with a reader, so I assumed the same could be done with the scan.

The receptionist told me that they don't put it on disc as they don't have a reader?????? She said they do photos. Has anyone heard of photos? I've looked on the internet and they look like a film type of thing or like a picture of films.

Can I take photos to another physician and use just the photos for diagnosis? I thought Pet/Cat was good because of the three dimensional

effect. It would seem that much of the diagnostic ability gained through manipulations of the various planes would be lost. I am planning on going out of state and wouldn't want to have a picture when more is needed.

Am I thinking wrong??Thanks muchly.


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Must have something to do with the machine they use, because I've never had a problem getting my scans copied to a CD.

Oh, and welcome, even though it sucks to have cancer and to have to be here. This is a great place, and someone may just have a better explanation for you.


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CIG, Where my tests (CT & PET) are done, they send the Doc a report by fax within 48 hours. He also gets the films, which he doesn't want to keep. I have them. They are small films (about 10" x 12"). The original films are kept on a computer and can be duplicated at any time.

It has been my experience, that the best place to keep them from loss is if I keep them! I know where they are and can get them at any time. DR. often requests comparison to previous tests! :wink: MArge

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That sounds kind of wierd that they don't put it on a disc. The films from PET are hard to read because you really do need to see the 3dimensional pic on a computer to appreciate it.

The only thing I can think of is that they may use a proprietary reader. We have this problem with patients from the Mayo Clinic, I get their discs but they use their own reader which you have to install on the computer. The problem is that we can't install anything on our clinic computers thanks to our paranoid IT guys so I can't install the reader to read the disc! Our PET scanner uses Microsoft Media Player so you can use any computer to pull up the images, can even email the video to other docs or the patients (if our clinic would let me email patients but that's where our paranoid lawyers come in.....)

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