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How are things at C-acres?


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Hey, Andrea, this is Karen. Funny you ask. Well, I've been sick - upper respiratory stuff - AGAIN. Dave is doing great, his parents have been gone this week and we're doing just fine, even with me sick. Dave has been taking care of Faith alot more to give me a break and doing a good job of it. I missed one day of work for being sick and weinie boss gave me cold shoulder like I was totally faking it (too bad he doesn't sit anywhere near me so he can hear me coughing my guts out every day), but I've been seeing my shrink weekly and she says he is nothing more than an annoyance in my life and to just flick him off like a mosquito. Ha, I love that woman! She also told me that she wants to give me an IQ test, she thinks I'm the smartest person she's ever met - so I love her even more!!!! Anyway, we're plugging right along, we have our house on the market, realtor's gotten a ton of calls but no one can come see it until after Christmas, so no lookers yet. Been looking for a new house and having some fun with that! Funny thing, last Sunday we went to an open house for sale - for sale by owner - knocked on the door, the owner was a lady who works in Dave's oncologist's office! We wouldn't buy the house but enjoyed seeing it and talking to her.

So, Dave has three more weeks of chemo to go, then hopefully he is healed (once again). He had an MRI of his eye socket today, I guess to make sure the tumor is all the way gone. Hopefully 2005 will bring him good health and us a beautiful new house!

Thanks for asking!

God Bless,

Karen C.

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