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Tarceva pain


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Day 12 on Tarceva, I'm in alot of pain. Don't handle pain like I use to, had so much since April guess I'm getting weak. Rash on face is bad, it's bleeding now.....all over my scalp, feeling like needles are stabbing me in raw skin. Throat and mouth are raw, hard to swallow. Palms covered in rash (which hurts and shocked me that it does). Having problems with my legs hurting, there is no rash but there is a dull ache in them. Nose and lips are swollen. Can't eat or sleep much.

Wish I could get a picture on here so ya'll could see how bad this is. See the doctor at 9:45, hope there is something he can do to give me releif now. Been taking the antibiotics and diflucan for 5 days but it's not helping.

Lonely at night when you feel bad :( Wish I had some pain meds so I could get some rest and eat. Popsicles just aren't cutting it! Guess there is something to be said for quality of life! :?

I'll let ya'll know what the doc says.

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This sounds so much like John's Iressa rash. He also complains about the sores in his hair. The red dry skin hurts in the cold...He uses a ski mask outside to protect his face. Keep it moisturizerd with a good lotion and it will help. If it is any help it does come and go, it isn't always bad.

Our doctor suggested a B complex vitamin and that has helped the dry skin, but will take a little while.

Good luck at your appointment today.


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Saw the doctor, he walked in and said "oh my God, you look ugly". He has prescribed this for a couple other patients but they have not reacted the way I have.

I explained to him that I was an over acheiver. I stop taking Tarceva until the rash goes away then I'll start back up at 100mg instead of 150mg.

That's all, now it's in my mouth on the bottom of my feet and hands, in my ears. It's just down right nasty. I asked the doctor how long he thought it would take to clear up, he said he wasn't sure cause no one has reacted this way....go figure. Of course my mother yells, "oh great, she's going to look like this for x-mas". Almost had to kick her, leave it your mother to be concerned how you look at all times!

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My reaction to Iressa was similiar with the severe rash. I looked like a freak from hell. I was initially advised to try and wait it out and see if the rash would go away on its own - 3weeks into it I was about crazy from the itching, sores, wheeping, ugly, red, scary, massive, itchy itchy itchy,

Sorry I started getting carried away there -

I was able to get a prescription for an acne medication that helped tons. It unfortunately didn't go away over night though. It has taken about a month to really clear up well. I still have to use the medication every other day and have the rash down my chest but now it seems to be going away a little on its own.

I also had some problems with the changes in my mouth. It went away after 3-4 weeks. In the meantime I used the magic mouthwash that people talk about here that has laticane in it. It seemed to eliminate the icky coating in my mouth for a while.

Hopefully all of this is temporary and gets better for you. I know from my experiences it is almost maddening at times and I didn't have as bad of a reaction as you seem to be.

Good luck and keep us posted,


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You poor thing! My goodness, that just sounds horrible. Have you ever been given any explanation as to why your body responds so negatively to so many drugs? Do you have a lot of other allergies? You don't really have to answer those questions, but I'm just overwhelmed at the horrible responses you keep having and my heart is breaking for you.

I'm glad you get to stop it for a while and am hopeful that you will get some relief QUICKLY!!!!

I'm sorry your mom was worried about how you would look for Christmas. :cry: I know you made a joke about it, but I expect that was an owie!

All my love,


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I've said it before and I'll say it again. I knew that treatment would be hard BUT not this hard!

If it's gonna happen it's gonna happen to me. Found some Neurontin pain killers in the bathroom from a little while ago. It's for pain from shingles, I figure this rash is close enough to shingles to I'm gonna try one and see if it works. I hate taking all these pills BUT something has to give.

I still look like an alien or even that guy in the UK who is running from President and someone poisoned him with the agent orange stuff. He's all puffed up and crinkly and tumored, that's me only it's red.

I can honestly say that I have not experienced a rash on my palms and heels that wasn't from an allergic reaction that went away with benadryl. It hurts when it's on the feet and hands! WOW Very hard to sleep, feels like needles are being pushed into your scalp at every hair folical. And now that I finally have my beautiful 1/2 in hair, my head is glowing red and puffy from a rash. Now that I have some hair to wash with shampoo instead of a bar of soap, it hurts to wash it! :x

To answer a couple questions, I am allergic to most antibiotics and have found through cancer treatment that I am super sensitive to steriods and benadryl....well for that fact I'm allergic to carboplatin too. Hell I guess I am allergic to everything! Stupid weak body!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and comments. It helps when your feeling like garbage to have people who understand and care. I feel like I'm living in a movie and each week is a new drama! The saga will continue, although maybe we can go from a soap opera to a comedy (a real comedy, not one that you have to laugh at instead of crying) :?

My grandmother would say "this two shall pass", gotta keep telling myself that. Just think of the X-mas pictures we will have this year! Years from now we'll look back on this X-mas and laugh and say I remember 2004, what a year!

Gotta keep your sense of humor! The doctor saw my face and told me to strip so he could see the rest of me. It's official.....1/2 the people in the medical field in the state of VA have seen me naked! When all this is done maybe I sould call one of the magazines and pose! lol "Mrs. January, lung cancer survivor...note the lobectomby scar on her left side!" lol. Now I'm getting punchy!

Thanks guys and have a great holiday. :D

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