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Was able to get through to dad - update on Mom

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on my mom. I was able to get through to my dad about the slimfast. With a little help from mom too. I know she heard me talking to dad about not giving that to her and when he attempted to again, she shut her lips tight! He went back to lemonade and Mom seems good with that, that is what she has lived on for the past 2 months and all she wants.

Hospice told Dad on Friday that they didn't believe that Mom would make it through the weekend. Guess what.......once again she has proved them wrong. She is still stable and her vitals have remained the same. She has been doing more of the Cheyne-Stroke breathing but it seems to come and go. Hospice told my dad on Monday when they returned that they just cannot get over mom's resiliency (sp?) in May they told us less than 2 weeks and it is July 1, although we are so glad she is still with us, it is also very hard to see her suffering and in the condition she is in. I honestly don't think she is ready to leave dad. I have noticed that everytime he sits beside her or holds her hand or gives her a kiss she begins to cry. The love that the 2 of them have for eachother for 46 years and still strong is awesome.

Thanks everyone for your responses and thanks to Fresca for chatting with me on Friday.


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My dad is on hospice too, and I know what you are going through. My dad doesnt want to eat anything, and he can only drink prosure. Hospice doesnt know exactly when a person will die. They sometimes underestimate the person's will to live. I hope your mom has better days and remains positive. Good luck!

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