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Heaven help my family!!!!!!

Angie Daughter of Bill

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As I was sitting here at my computer reading all of your wonderful heartfelt responses to my post in the caregiver's section of the board, I got a call on my cell phone. It was my Mom. Her older brother, age 58, is right now in the hospital in the nuero-intensive care unit. They have found a HUGE mass in his lung.........covers most all of his lung as well as a plum size mass in his brain. :cry: He is very critical and the doctors say that they aren't sure if he will make it out of the hospital. :cry: Oh my! I just don't know what to say except............Heaven help us!! :cry: I am speechless............It seems that lung cancer has struck another member of my close family. :cry: WHY???????!!!!!!!!!


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I am so sorry, there are no words. Sometimes you cant even try to understand why these things happen, and i know it becomes harder and harder to have faith. Dont give up, you are a strong woman, who certainly does'nt deserve to have all of this on your plate. May god bless you and your family in this very trying time. So very sorry.'


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Oh, Angie.....what is there to say? :( It must feel like you are on overload....but I always try to tell myself when things get so overwhelming, that God just doesn't give us more than we can handle....even if it seems overwhelming.

Please know I'm thinking of you and your family, sending you strength vibes. I'm so sorry you family has been hit with more. Hang in there sweetie....

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Angie -

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this again. It is so unfair. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers - even though I haven't responded about your Dad, I have been thinking about him as well. I don't have any insightful or wise words other than this really sucks. I am so sorry.

Much Love,


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I can't come up with words to comfort or help you cope right now. There is absolutely nothing right about this hell your family is in.

I know it doesn't help when others write the words "i know how you feel" or " I understand how your feeling right now" but Angie, I know you feel like you can't catch a breath. Like your heart physicially hurts, like the worry is going to make you go insane and the sadness is only not completely crusing you because somehow your not letting it yet.

I am not going to tell you to pray because you have been doing that and these things are still happening and you don't know or understand why, your thinking "what has my family done to deserve this hell" well my friend the simple answer is NOTHING but none the less it is happening to you.

I always thought I had the market cornered on pitty and sympathy because I lost mom and dad in such a short period of time and then my only sister was hit with cancer too. But today while working on mom and dads house, the neighbors three doors down were wheeling there 16 year old daughter in her wheel chair up the street to get some cold fresh air. She has been suffering from cancer since she was 9 years old and all treatments have failed. She went into remission twice but its back again in her bones, brain and liver. Her 2nd bone marrow transplant has failed and they have stopped treatment. She made such a monumental decision at 16 that she would rather go to heaven and be happy and healthy again then live in the pain, fear and sadness of waiting longer for a possible treatment to come along.

my heart broke seeing her and I fealt ashamed that I still feel sad for my situation.

my friend,,,,all I can say is with all the bad thats going wrong with your dad and uncle. take your girls strength, the strength you gave to them at birth and let that carry you through the next few weeks and months.

let your babies and their life force thats so strong and powerful, hold you up right now when all you want to do is fall down.

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Oh Sweet Angie, :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I am so VERY SORRY that all this is happening to your family. I know just how that feels my dear. My mom was dx.d with LC in March 1987 and on May 1987 my sister (43) called and told us she had LC. Oh God I know what your heart feels like, and your stomach I know is in knots.


I have NO words. I can only tell you I'm here for you if you need a friend.

Love & Hugs,


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