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CLT- Please Respond!!


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My mother in law has stage IV non small cell lung cancer. My husband and I are planning on sending her to Germany where there is a new treatment being offered (it was first offered in Ireland) called cytoluminescent therapy. This is a new form of photodymanic therapy but with a new and improved agent. This looks EXTREMELY promising and untill just a few days ago, was endorsed by Ralph Moss, PHd. After some of the treatments in Ireland some people reported experiencing painful effects and Moss decided to pull out his endorsement until more information was gathered by him. I think this move was more a political one. Anyway, I am searching out ANYONE who had done the treatment or who knows someone who has. Myself and 5 others online are desperately searching people out to find out about how their therapy went. Please write me back if anyone has any information. If you like you can just email me directly at Luvmygop@aol.com

Thank you[/b]

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Hi, I just recieved this email from the private forum i'm on, There are other places in the US that are using the new cytoluminescent therapy.

If you email me I'll send you the rest of the emails. I forgot to mention Dr. Moss belongs to my email Group, he also used the copper reduction therapy to treat his cancer.



Just getting to all my e-mails after a couple of weeks. I Haven't had a chance to read all of them yet, but I notice there are a number of items on PDT. My relatives in Ireland sent me a e-mail with a video clip of a "Primetime" investigation of the East Clinic in Killaloe, Ireland. While there are many respected clinics/hospitals offering this treatment, the clinic in Ireland is not one of them. Drs. Porter and Carmody seem to have a very shady operation going on there.

For those of you interested in watching the 1/2 hour program, the link is as follows

http://www.rte.ie/news/2003/0204/primet ... me56_1a.rm">http://www.r\te.ie/news/2003/0204/primetime/primetime56_1a.rm

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