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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL . . . or as Faith would say HO HO HO

Remembering Dave

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OK, ya'll, the only purpose of this post is for everyone to see our happy little girl with Santa Claus!

Ho Ho Ho!

Everything is Ho Ho Ho

Tacky lit houses are Ho Ho Houses

Faith's dress is a Ho Ho Dress

And Watching any Christmas show, especially Rudolph, is a Ho Ho Show.

Having a three year old around can even make Dave forget lung cancer for a few minutes!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night (and a good day, and prayers for a cancer free year in 2005 to everyone!)

Karen C.

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That pic is ADORABLE!!!! Christmas with kids is so fun. Although I have to admit I am soooo jealous :oops: my 7yr old is deathly afraid of Santa and won't go anywhere near him and my 6yr old just isn't interested although we are going to try this week to see if she will get her picture taken.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and even better 2005 -wishing for nothing but clean scans and NO MORE bonkitis!

Much Love,


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Cute picture!

When I am on the board Jillian often sits here and watches the pictures go by....of course we had to stop at Faith's. She wanted to know her name and then she asked what she wanted for Christmas. So Karen... what does she want? :P

Rochelle & Jillian

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Rochelle and Jillian,

Faith wants a white car like mommy's that she can drive.

mommy's car is actually silver, but to her it is white.

sooo, if she remains a good girl today, she will be getting a white car to drive.

I bought her, used from someone at work, one of those white barbie jeeps that runs off the 12V battery that they sit in and drive just like a real car.

her favorite pretend time play is to drive. she even pretend buckles her seat belt, says green light, go! red light, stop!

Santa tried to get her to tell him other things she wanted, and she steadfastly said, just a white car like mommy's!


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