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Raspy Voice


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Recently my voice has become raspy. Not constantly just every once in a while, no pain or other symptoms, nothing out of the norm to possibly have created it With the lymph nodes in my bronchial area affected I’m concerned this could be cancer connected. I know others who have cancer and their voices are raspy. Does the bronchial tubes affect the voice or is it the Esophagus



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There is a nerve that sometimes gets affected by the cancer (recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy). It sometimes also gets affected during surgery.

I think in most cases it is probably something else (infection, strained voice cords, etc). Tell your Dr about your concern. The article below (link) says if it lasts 2-3 weeks (along with other symptoms)

I would tell your Dr.

When oncdoc responds he can add/correct anything I have posted

http://www.erlanger.org/e/winter_2003/h ... s_seri.asp

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