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OhioKat to Ground Control...


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Ground Control, this is OhioKat, checking in.

I got a little note on my website guestbook. :D I've been a naughty girl I know, by not checking in.

Things here have been ok. I've been NED since June. I have some more CT scans scheduled for the 29th of this month. I'm feeling fairly good, still a lot of pain from the neuropathy (side effect of the cisplatin). Quite a bit of pain in my left breast too, but a Mamm & ultrasound both came back clean in September so I guess the pain is in my head or something.

If it wasn't for the bouts of anxiety and depression I'd be doing just great.

Just trying to make it through the holidays with at least a little bit of my sanity intact.

Hope every one has a great Holiday!

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Hi OhioKat,

Boy, it sure is good news to hear that you are still NED! WOOHOO! I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with anxiety and depression. I will pray that all of that will disappear at least for the next few days so you can relax and truly enjoy this blessed time of year.

It's good to hear from you, and Merry Christmas!



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Hey O-Kat....good to hear from you. Glad you're still NED and doing well....but for the more emotional side of things. Hope you'll find ways to keep that in check too. Hmmmmm....would that be NEE....No Evidence of Emotions? :D:wink:

Happy Holidays to you and yours...and hope you'll find a bit more time in 2005 to check in here!

I'll be holding good thoughts for those scans on the 29th...and you'd better pop in and give us an update....ok? :wink:

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Good to hear from you.

Cisplatin can leave aches and pains too, as can surgery,

I have enough pain to remind me I'm alive and it's NOT in my head... lol..

Depression and this dratted disease seem to go hand in hand, I see no reason to tough it out either.

Glad you checked in,

Have a good HOLIDAY!!


Prayers always,


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Ohio Kat,

Glad you checked in! I have missed you. But it is great you are so happy and busy and that you don't need as much support. I look forward to when my life goes in that direction as well! You have a wonderful holiday and I am praying for cleanscans for you as well. In the meantime, here's a Happy Dance cause you stopped in to see us! :D



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