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Hair after WBR


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I just had the PCI, which is really WBR but in lower doses. My rad onc told me it could be 3 mos or so before my hair would even BEGIN to come back in! I figure I'm looking at February before anything much starts to sprout up north! :roll:

Helluva time of year to be without hair, I tell you! :shock: The top of my head is ALWAYS hot while the back of my head and ears are always cold!

My rad onc also said that for some people, the hair loss is permanent...or that there are patches or areas where the hair doesn't come back in. If that happens.....well......let's just say I'm vibing myself for it NOT to happen. I'll vibe it for you too, TAnn.

You're in good company though, being bald at Christmas. Have you got your big red bow ready to tape to your head for the Christmas photos? I do!! :lol:

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I had my WBR in October. My hair STILL has not begun to grow back. Does anyone know how long it takes for your hair to start growing back after WBR??? Please tell me that it WILL come back!

Thanks for your input!



My wife received WBR in late May ~ early June ' 04. Chemotherapy followed. She lost all of her hair a couple of weeks after completing WBR and to date has regrown ~ 1/2 - 3/4 inch of hair on the sides and back of her head. The top of her head has less hair regrowth. Looks like male pattern baldness at a distance.

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It took several months for my husband's hair to grow back. It started out kind of wiry and wild. LOL! He does have less now, but it's mostly the darker hair - a lot of the grey didn't come back in and it's nice and smooth now.

It looks pretty good, but to be honest, he really didn't have much to start with. Our son teases him all the time about being a bald-headed old man, and that was before WBR. LOL! If I ever lose my hair for any reason and he calls me a bald-headed old woman, he's going to be shopping for a dentist! :)



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