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Prayers needed......Please

Remembering Dave

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For both Karen and myself. I started my last round of chemo yesterday (Cisplatin and CPT-11) and it hit me so hard I almost could not get myself home. I came home and slept all day, all night and a good portion of today. This is the worst I have ever felt from any of my chemo's. The next two (also the last 2) Mondays of chemo should be better since I only get the CPT-11. I just have to get through the next few days and I should be fine.

Now for Karen. She has been fighting a Sinus infetion for the past few weeks now and just can't get rid of it. She has been to the Doc before and they gave her antibiotics which did not even touch the infection. She got up this morning and had a great amount of pain in he sinus, mouth and gums. She luckily got an appt. with our Family Doctor this morninh who told her that she was so won down that nothing would help get better unless she stopped a took a rest. The Doc. told Karen she WAS GOING to take the next three weeks off from work. She came home and has been in bed since around noon. Please send us both, but especially Karen, many good prayers. As always my prayers are with each and every one of you.

David C

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Sending lots of prayers and love your way!!!!!!

Those sinus infections can knock you down. I got worn down in law school and couldn't shake one and needed antiobiotics for a month. Tell Karen to rest up and get well!!!! And if she needs me to kick her boss's tushy for any reason I would be more than happy to do so :)

Take care of yourselves! I bet you are worn down from this round of chemo just from everything also.

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David and Karen,

My prayers are for the both of you. I wish that I could be there to feed you both chicken soup. All that I can offer are my prayers and hope for a complete recovery. I will ask that God wrap his healing arms around you both. Merry Christmas! Much love to you all.


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Hope you both get some needed rest and will feel better quickly! Your plates have been awfully full in recent months...and eventually that takes a toll.

Feel better soon. Hope the next chemos aren's so bad for you, David...and hope that Karen's enforced hiatus from work is JUST what she needs to regroup and get herself back on a healthy track!

Take care....

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Prayers for healing coming for the Chapman's. I hope this break will get Karen back on the path to health. I coughed my head off for 5 months earlier this year and it is no fun feeling icky and not being able to shake it. Hoping you all have a wonderful Holiday with that adorable little Faith!

Much Love,


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Wow, you both should go to bed and pull the covers over your head for a few days, except x-mas, then go back to bed. Hang in there, like I keep saying, if you feel that bad from treatment, it has to be working!

I should take my own advise and go to bed instead of being up all night!

Take care!

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David & Karen -- hope you two take the much needed rest so you can get back to top fighting strength. As if this disease isn't stressful enough, add the holidays, winter weather, and umpteen other life things, and it's no wonder we get knocked off our feet now and then.

Take care, the both of you, and I hope you enjoy your Christmas in a reclining position!!


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Karen and David,

I hope you both rest as ordered, and get to feeling better....

Sounds kind of like our house last winter, just before christmas the bottom dropped out and we were all sick for a month!

That's the kind of order you need, Karen, if you're going to keep going and going under the misimpression you're the everready bunny.....

Take care of yourselves, okay?

Prayers... and Christmas blessings....

HO HO HO to Faith :)



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