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My Son Needs Prayers...

Fay A.

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Me eldest son will be 27 on Christmas Eve.

Several days ago, while on the job, he was hit in the head with a metal hand truck. He had a mild concussion, and thought he was okay. A few days later he suffered a seizure. Todays xrays and exam showed a lesion on his skull/spine. They are referring him to a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon. I don't have much in the way of details. But the fear in his voice is something I haven't heard since he was a very small child.

Please remember Phillip in your prayers.

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Oh, Fay, it's so scary when things happen to one of our precious children.

I will most definitely pray for your son. Please let him know that prayers are being said. Try not to worry! Ha! I know, that one's probably not do-able. I sure don't practice what I preach in that regard!

Love and hugs to you, too. Please know that I am going to say a prayer as soon as I hit the submit button.



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I am so sorry, when something happens to our children, well to me its the worst. Is he near you? I do hope so as I am sure he is needing his mom right now.Please keep us posted and you and he both will be in my prayers.

God BLess


P.S. Yes it would be so cool to be neighbors. I wish we could all just live in our on little community.

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I'm going to send you half an ounce of extra strength. We all know you are definitely a survivor and one tough lady, but I'd like to give you a bit more to lighten the load...

Positive thoughts that all is well and that whatever was discovered is treated and disappears quickly. Hurry, tie a knot in the end of your rope to make it easier to hang on!



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