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treaments cancelled low white count

wanda k

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:( My treatment has been cancelled for the week. White blood cell count is very low 1.32, was 6.09 last week. I will miss 4 days of radiation and may have to miss chemo treatment next week.

I am kinda worried.... I have only had one round of chemo (3 days) and 9 days of radiation. Is this common and will this happen all the time?

I am not feeling ill other than side effects of treatment. And of course the anxiety and depression that comes with the territory. Not to mention that my hair is falling out now :cry:

Doc says to stay away from big crowds while count is down so looks like it will be a small party for Christmas.

Wishing all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Healthier Happy New Year............ God Bless us All...

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Are you on any Procrit or Arenesp or Neulasta (sp?)

Sometimes this helps to boost your counts. Have they spoken to you about transfusions yet ? It is still early in your treatment plan that they are probably waiting and letting your body fight its way back up on its own before using anything artificial to help- but I know it can be frustrating.

It is important to stay away from the germies--I hope you can manage a happy holiday anyway.

I'll be sending prayers that your counts go back up very soon and things can get rolling again!

P.S. You may want to go to your profile (click at the top) and type in your dx. and treatment history in your signature line so that we all can see your dx. and your current treatment regimen- that way you don't have to re-type it all again in future posts.

Keep us posted and welcome.


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Hi Wanda...

And I agree with Katie...you should talk to your onc about something to boost your blood counts. My oncologist told me, after my first round of chemo, that I would be getting a Neulasta shot every chemo cycle on the fourth day to KEEP the WBC count UP!! After about the 3rd chemo, I also saw a dip in my RBC count...so got an Aranesp shot every two weeks.

My blood counts never did become dangerously low. My WBC never dipped below about 6.6 and my RBCs were just slightly below the lower range of normal. But...like I said....my onc had me all set up for the Neulasta shots even BEFORE I saw any real dip in my WBCs, because he anticipated that they WOULD drop!

It is important to be able to continue with treatments....if at all possible...so I would just ask your onc about the options to boost your blood counts to the point where you can continue with tx!

Good luck...and let us know what happens.....but don't be afraid to be your own best advocate and ASK the onc about the shots that will help boost your counts!!

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