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mouth sores


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I am new to this forum. Got on the new user forum but my husband had to help me get to this. i am not a computer person. Could any of you please give me some advice about dealing with mouth sores. i have had some bad ones lately and am having a hard time getting rid of them despite using mouth rinses and the ointments for canker sores. Thanks for your help. I am still learning how to use all this but will learn it. pammie

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Hi, Pammie,

One of the things that helped me was to rinse my mouth with baking soda and warm water several times a day and before going to bed at night. And I made certain to brush and floss my teeth at least three times a day.

The other thing is to make certain that the sores are not caused by a yeast infection called Thrush. Those of us who have Lung Cancer, are going through chemo or radiation, or who have been on certain antibiotics are susceptible to this particular infection, and if left untreated it can become a big problem.

Hope you get some relief soon.

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I got this from my oncologist, and the pharmacist made it


I hope this helps. It helped me an AWFUL lot, because also on and off I had thrush, which made for really bad mouth sores.

My oncologist prescribed this for me when I had difficulty eating post

chemo and radiation:

Directions: swish and spit about 1 spoonful (fifteen mls) every 30 minutes as needed, esp before

eating. (you can swallow a little bit)

Mouth rinse:

25 cc of liquid Benadryl, 25 mg/cc stock solution

25 cc of Maalox

25 cc of lidocaine, viscous, 2% solution

25 cc of nystatin liquid.


There is also a premix similar to the above available in the Wash DC

area by prescription called Gel-claire, but the nurse had no firsthand

knowledge of it.


This helped make the sore mouth a little more tolerable.

Also drink plenty fluids. It helps too!


Prayers, always,


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Thank you for all the suggestions for helping with the mouth sores. The rinsing solutions were very helpful. I notice that each person responds to treatments in a slighty different way. We have been out of town visitng relatives for the holidays and are finally back. Am starting Iressa if the insurance company approves it. A little bit anxious since i had the anaplylatic reaction to zosyn (antibiotic) last summer. Thanks for the encouraging words and suggestions from all of you. pammie

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My ONC prescribed a "swish and spit", 1 tbls every two hours as needed. It contained Mylanta/Benderyl/Lidocaine, pre mixed. Sounds the same as Mary Ann mentioned. It worked great. It numbs the sores for a while and they healed in no time. Good luck. I know how painful and aggravating it can be.


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