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Please read and tell me what you think - My christmas poem


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I baked - 16 hours this past weekend - and I am sending some to my mom since I cant be with her this year (I have to work) - but I wanted to send a poem with the baked goods I am sending - and this is original, Please give me you HONEST opinion.

Twas’ a Plate Full of Cookies

Twas’ a plate full of cookies

Full of sugar and goo

All of that butter

So yummy and true

All of them don’t eat

You must leave two or three

For Jolly St. Nick

And his fluffy snowy feet

A tall glass of milk

And plenty o’ napkin to wipe

Confectioners sugar, and

Many crumbs alight

He’ll fly up the chimney

And jump to his sleigh

To the next house he goes

On and on throughout the night

Now ---

The rest of the cookies

Are yours to enjoy

So let out your pants

And eat them with delight

I give you some happiness

In these sweets I do send

Devour them with pride

Taking care to lick

Each finger every bit

Each morsel with love

Thee I send to you

Only once a year this comes

I wish a Merry Christmas to you!

Sending much love to you, Love Ang

Original Poem by me, Angela 12/2004

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Anything from the heart is a wonderful gift!! Your cookies AND your poem are from the heart and your mom will just LOVE them!

It really made me smile, because I remembered many, many years ago -probably in the early 1970's - when I had NO good ideas for my mom's birthday....so I made her some of these chocolate and coconut candies that her best friend used to make and that Mom just loved. Along with the candies....I wrote her a poem sort of explaining why she was getting homemade candies for her gift. :roll:

Well...my mom died in l985....and I found the birthday poem saved among her "special" cards and papers. I still have that poem tucked away. The candy of course, got eaten in a hurry.

Anyway....I share this with you, because I just bet your mom will save your poem too! I think the cookies and poem are a lovely gift. The smiles will resonate for years.

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Wonderful poem. I think your mother will enjoy the cookies and the poem.

In a way your thinking is like mine. I think a gift from the heart and made with your hands is a lot better then a store bought gift that will wear out over time. I used to make a lot of my gifts before I got sick.

Hope you and your family has a Merry Christmas.

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I love it!!

I have never even mastered the roses are red, violets are blue thing...

I love it.. especially the part of trying not to eat them all and leaving some for ST. Nick... I couldn't not eat them all.

I think she will really like your poem too. I would if I got one like yours!

Merry Christmas..

Cindi o'h

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Thanks for your input everyone. I sent the cookies and poem off yesterday - I just hope to give her a little bit of happiness in this year of such sadness. This is the first Christmas, and will be the first birthday (his) that will be felt enormously. I truly wish I could just be there for her, unfortunately we need the money this year and being a mother of two young children - I have no leave to speak of. At least my grandmother is there for her. Merry Christmas to everyone, may God bring each and every one of you peace and maybe just a little bit of happiness.


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