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Hello everyone! It is ACTUALLY snowing hard here in southern Indiana, and we are suppose to get 15 to 18 inches by tomorrow night! Now I know that doesn't sound like much to the likes of you in say Michigan, Montana, or Colorado, and other snowy regions, but here it is like 3ft. to us! I was so excited to see all the snow! I grew up in Indianapolis, North Dakota, and Montana. So, I haven't seen a good snow for quite a while! :D So, as the snow continues to fall here I want to wish everyone here a VERY Merry Christmas!!

My hubby's b-day is today, and all he wanted for it was a white Christmas. So, I guess wishes really do come true!!!!

God Bless Everyone!

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Kim -

I am sooo jealous...I wanted a white christmas sooo bad but it looks like all of the snow is to the south and east of us. Although we are heading to southern Indiana on Sunday so we will at least get to see some :)

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy Birthday wishes for your hubby - now go outside and have a snowball fight!!!

Much Love,


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Thanks for the snow update, here in Minnesota the snow tundra capital we have a dusting on the ground. My husband is an avid snowmobiler so he is in mourning right now with no snow and none in the forecast.

Enjoy the white stuff for us and happy holidays to you and yours.


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Kim, You are like me in loving the snow. :wink: I am in Ohio and got the same storm and it was awesome. We ended up with around 15 or so inches. The only problem is my hubby drives a snow plow and he has been gone since Weds. 5:30 a.m. kinda starting to miss him. :wink: Think he should be home tonight. :D Merry Christamas !!! Haylee

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