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Mom off of Tarceva.....


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Just an update, not much to report, but I always like reading about the treatment others "similar" to my mom are getting.........We saw the onc today and he decided to take her off of Tarceva for maintence. She has only been on 1 week. The reason is that her scans show pretty severe radiation fibrosis and her pulmonary function tests show her lungs at 50% capacity which is lower than they should be at. Tarceva can cause fibrosis in 5% of the people. Given that she already has it, it is likely that she is predisposed to get it, and the double whammy could cause major damage. Since there isn't much data on Tarceva, the onc felt the risks outweighed the benefits. So off of it she is :)

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I hope you and my mom are one of those who are fine once treatment is done :)

Katie--no new game plan since she is NED. Just wait and see and watch on the scans.

I guess it makes sense that there aren't many (or any) clinical trials to try to keep NED around since it is hard to measure results.

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I hear that, Frank.

I rated about 45%, and with much attention to exercise and "training" I might get up to 55%....

I am fortunate, in that I can hold a job, and play taxi to my kids on weekends.

I know it won't get better, and I hope it won't get worse.

Wise move on the oncologist's part, Andrea.

Still, it's enough to have a quality of life -- just a little different one is all.

Love to you and your family at holiday time!.

You too Frank, especially for all those groaner jokes@.!!


Prayers always,


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