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I do not have the protein


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Well, it seems that the bad news just continues. My onc. office called at 8:30 a.m today to tell me that the blood test came in for the protein I was being tested for to qualify for the epimmune trial. I do not have it which means I cannot do the trial. I don't have any idea what is going to happen so I'll just keep you posted.\

I so wish I had better news to report. :(:(


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Oh Cathy, I was sooo hoping. I am sorry that your protiens weren't there, but the doctors will come up with a plan that will work.

Even though it is easier said than done, put it out of your mind for the next few days and enjoy your holiday.

Will keep you in my prayers.


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Hi Cathy,

Just not good news again today.

Please find a way to continue on with hope.

I hope that there will be something that will turn up for you. And, above all else, continue to find the support that you need right now to get over this hurdle. Either here or with trusted friends. PM me anytime.

Cindi o'h

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Well $%#&^ ~!! :( Not the news we were hoping for...but work with your onc to consider other options, Cathy. There's something out there that will work for you and that won't cause many side effects.....I just know it!

Wish you'd gotten better news....but maybe things happened as they did because there is something else, right around the corner, that will be the right treatment or trial for you!

Thinking of you. Please keep us posted....

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I'm sorry Cathy. I was hoping for you. Just a thought, this might be a good time for a second opinion, if this doctor doesn't come up with a plan soon. It wouldn't hurt to get another perspective.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas, let it all go for a little while. Then - a bright and shiny new year of miracles.


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