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Happy - Ha·nuk·kah or Ha·nu·kah or Cha·nu·kah


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It is spelled differently everywhere I look and I don't know why, (even dictonary.com has all 3 spellings) so I will include all three spellings and wish folks who have been celebrating Ha·nuk·kah or Ha·nu·kah or Cha·nu·kah a HAPPY HOLIDAY season too!

Many hugs,

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Thanks, Katie. The message comes through however you spell it. Variations in spelling come from the fact that the English spelling is based on "transliteration" of the Hebrew alphabet - the CH or H is one letter in Hebrew, not two. THERE are two variations on the CH/H letter -- one heavily aspirated, the other not. But they both transliterate into the English CH/H sound, gargled or not. And of course, doubling the middle consonant is a matter of preference, I suppose. Just a little explanation for what seems like inconsistency.


PS: Hope everyone had a great Chanukah/Hanukah...Christmas...Boxing Day...Kwanzaa and a wonderful and HEALTHY coming up New Year.

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